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© Boardworks Ltd 2010 1 of 13 Advanced Functions and Charts.

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1 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 1 of 13 Advanced Functions and Charts

2 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 2 of 13 Teacher’s notes included in the Notes Page Flash activity. These activities are not editable. Web addresses Icons key: For more detailed instructions, see the Getting Started presentation Functional Skills check Student task accompanies this slide Printable activity This lesson will cover: Using spreadsheet charts to display data. Some more advanced features of spreadsheets.

3 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 3 of 13 Advantages of charts

4 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 4 of 13 Graphs Make sure you choose the most appropriate graph type for your data. Using the wrong graph type can cause confusion. To create a chart or graph: Organize and highlight the data you wish to use. Select Chart from the Insert Menu. Follow the instructions of the Chart Wizard.

5 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 5 of 13 Graph types

6 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 6 of 13 Once you have created your chart you can add titles and data labels. A chart has different menu options depending on where you click your mouse. Labelling charts Right-clicking on a blank space within the chart area will allow you to select chart options. From here you can add a title and axis labels. Title X axis label Y axis label Double-clicking on areas of the graph itself will allow you to change its colours and the thickness of its lines.

7 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 7 of 13 Legends A chart is of no value if you do not know what the colours of each section, line or bar represent. Therefore, it is important to create a key or legend which tells the user the information they need in order to interpret the graph properly. This does not tell the user what the data means.

8 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 8 of 13 Advanced functions and charts

9 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 9 of 13 Adding trend lines Once a chart has been created in a spreadsheet, you can add a trend line which can be used in forecasting future trends. To do this you simply select the chart and then click Add Trendline in the Chart menu. What are the potential inaccuracies of trend lines?

10 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 10 of 13 Advanced features

11 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 11 of 13 Forms Spreadsheets can also be designed to be used in a similar way to database forms. You can access a Forms Menu by right-clicking on the menu bar. You could set up a spreadsheet with radio buttons or drop-down lists and use a macro as a submit button which would then store the results in another worksheet. This could be one way of creating an online survey which would automatically collect responses.

12 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 12 of 13 Remember the terms

13 © Boardworks Ltd 2010 13 of 13 True or false?

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