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Welcome to Creating a Year Long Training Plan Amy Thompson.

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1 Welcome to Creating a Year Long Training Plan Amy Thompson

2 Agenda I.Foundation Introduction Agenda Review Mingle, Mingle, Mingle Partnership Analysis II.Set the Context Getting Things Done Strengthening Communities Participant Development / Encouraging Responsibility III.Training Plan Parts IV.Principles V.Close

3 Mingle, Mingle, Mingle What part of their year long training plan are you most proud of? OR What is the greatest idea you have implemented that made a big difference in your training of members?

4 What is AmeriCorps? 1) Getting Things Done 2) Strengthening Communities 3) Participant Development – AKA Encouraging Responsibility and Expanding Opportunities

5 Group Discussions What does this consist of? What are the essentials? What knowledge, skills, and abilities do members need to walk away with? What challenges, if any, do you face? What resources do you know about? What effective practices do your programs implement? When and how long should this piece happen? What ideas/strategies do you have (large group and beyond) that programs could implement?

6 Training Principles Member agreement that clearly outlines expectations, agreements, and consequences, signed by member and organization point of contact Written list of skills and knowledge members need to do their service Conducts training assessments with members and sites to determine training needs Carries out member pre-service orientation plan developed in conjunction with stakeholders that prepares members for the beginning of their service

7 Training Principles Carries out a written, year-long training and development plan, developed in conjunction with program stakeholders, that assesses and develops members' service-specific skills Creates opportunities for members to learn about the National Service movement and participate in national service days and activities with others streams of service programs, if available Effectively trains members to support the recruitment and management of volunteers, as applicable to program design

8 Training Principles Fosters positive attitudes with members regarding the value of lifelong citizenship and service for the common good Provides training to members that raises their competencies around diversity/cultural competency/inclusion Provides year-long training to members around Life After AmeriCorps Provides members with information on agency and communities served

9 Training Principles Assesses training effectiveness and makes modifications as needed Carries out a written member evaluation plan, developed in conjunction with relevant stakeholders, that includes mid and end of term formal feedback as well as ongoing informal feedback; staff provides support for identified member needs

10 Resources National Service Resource Center From Blueprint to Implementation – Program Start Up Guide National AmeriCorps Listserv Other Programs Others?????

11 Thank You and Good Luck! Amy Thompson CAC Consulting 512.448.0401

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