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1 CAREER DEVELOPMENT FOLDER Application/Cover Letter

2 Appearance Should match the design of your resume Street address, city, zip code at top left Place date at top left under your address Use professional language

3 Salutation Letter is addressed to an appropriate individual (if in doubt, “Attention: Hiring Committee”) Begins with appropriate prefix (ex: Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr.)

4 Opening Paragraph Begins with an original opening line Incorporates company-specific information on how the position fits student’s career goals. Identifies desired position. Catches reader’s attention.

5 Body Consists of 3 paragraphs. Highlights applicant’s most marketable attributes. Highlights qualifications and experiences as related to employer needs. Examples are used to demonstrate qualifications for the position.

6 Closing Paragraph Begins with a summary statement – “Hire me-I would be good for the job because…” Indicates that the candidate is assertively seeking an interview; also indicates interview availability. Includes the student’s contact information (phone number and email address) Email address is professional Cover letter is closed with “Sincerely”, student’s typed name is included below with a signature.


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