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Job Search Looking for a job is a “job” in itself.

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2 Job Search Looking for a job is a “job” in itself

3 What Do You Need and Expect in an Employer? Work schedule Job location Dress code Perks Others…

4 Resumes Include: Personal information Education/training Experience Honors/achievements Skills Job objective

5 Writing a Resume Well organized Brief Use action verbs Free of mistakes Neat Honest

6 Resume Tips Allow plenty of time Use professional sounding email address Have resume proofread by others Check formatting on emailed resumes Set social networking pages to private Contact phone should have professional greeting

7 Finding Jobs to Apply For Networking Walk-ins Signs Online Want ads Job boards Others???

8 When You Find a Job with Potential Pick up an application—alone Dress appropriately Bring a resume Ask to meet the manager Fill out application at the site

9 The Job Application Legible Accurate In pen or typed Create an information sheet Protect private information

10 Cover Letter An opportunity to stand out Use proper name & title of addressee Brief & to the point Sign your letter

11 The Interview Be prepared It’s a 2-way street

12 The Job Offer Ask about: pay, benefits, hours, working conditions, job responsibilities, advancement

13 Pros & Cons of Working Teens Pros Provides income Work experience Cons Takes time away from school & others May commit to big expenses such as a car

14 Job Search Activities 1. Job Skills and Your Resume 2. Applying for Jobs 3. The Interview


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