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Coordination Group FGDC Business Update Ken Shaffer FGDC Deputy Executive Director 703-648-5740 July 7, 2009 Updated 7/6/09.

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1 Coordination Group FGDC Business Update Ken Shaffer FGDC Deputy Executive Director 703-648-5740 July 7, 2009 Updated 7/6/09

2 2 Background This presentation contains information that supplements a set of read aheads on the topics covered and will be used as a walk-though of the topics at the CG meeting. Use this presentation before reviewing the read aheads in order to gain context. Materials will not be presented in full at the meeting, it is the responsibility of the attendees to review the material prior to the meeting, as per CG member agreement.

3 3 Topics (updated) 2010 CAP Category Submissions SmartBUY Update and Factsheet IFTN Champions/Chairs Meeting Update Annual Report Update Coordination Group Operations GeoLob Work Plan Vote Summary National Wetlands Standard Vote Summary Dashboard Reporting - discussion CG Charter Update - discussion Working Groups/Subcommittee Structure - discussion FortiusOne CAP - presentation

4 4 Final write-ups for all categories due August 14 Proposal submission period between mid- October and early January Total funds available ~ $1,310,000 Awards will be made in February 2010 Read ahead: Proposed Categories for the 2010 NSDI CAPProposed Categories for the 2010 NSDI CAP 2010 NSDI Cooperative Agreements Program

5 5 For more information: Gita Urban-Mathieux FGDC 703-648-5175

6 6 Geo-SmartBuy Update What is different about the new SmartBuy? Significantly more than one vendor !! Successfully expanded the SmartBUY model to include State, tribal and local governments – all providers have agreed to extend agreements (except one) Responded to industry to allow proposals on individual CLIN(s) when responding to the RFQ allowing a broader number of firms to participate. It worked. Technical Evaluation Board (TEB) expected to complete work by end of June GSA will conduct final price negotiations and issue new Geospatial SmartBuy agreement in the July/August timeframe.

7 7 SmartBUY Factsheet Read ahead: Geospatial SmartBuy FactsheetGeospatial SmartBuy Factsheet Contact: Lew Sanford,

8 8 IFTN Champions/Chairs Update Read ahead: The read ahead for this topic will be available the week before the meeting in order to incorporate input from the 6/24 IFTN Champions and Chairs meeting. Contact: Vicki Lukas,

9 9 IFTN Update as of 7/6/09 (updated) IFTN Update following the June 24 Champions and Chairs meeting A draft record of decision was presented to the executive champions, with presentations and discussion on the topics of the high-resolution, governance, funding, and hosting and archiving strategies. Continuing support for IFTN was voiced by the executives, along with a strong intent to move on to complete the Phase 1 plan. Revisions to the record of decision are being worked by the IFTN Chairs to be distributed to the executives for discussion and email vote in the next few weeks. The primary change is to include language about initiating a Federal priority setting effort during Phase 1 with initial results to be included as part of the Phase 1 plan. Pending approval, the document will be put before the FGDC Steering Committee.

10 10 FGDC 2009 Annual Report Follow 2008 Report Outline Will include Accomplishments, Goals, and Challenges Theme: ‘The Mortgage Crisis and Land Parcel Data’ Date of Completion – Nov. 1, 2009 Data call will go out to Federal agencies late June Written and graphical material due mid to late July Start compiling material, graphics now Further guidance will be forthcoming Submit input to Milo Robinson, 2008 Report: Read ahead: n/a

11 11 CG Operational Guidelines Document defines operational guidelines for the CG as decided upon by members Based on CG discussions/decisions and other operational requirements (ex: membership management requirements) Complimentary to, but does not supersede, the CG or other FGDC charter or guidance. Content to be approved by the CG Updates can occur whenever CG approves changes Read ahead: Coordination Group Operational GuidelinesCoordination Group Operational Guidelines Read ahead: Sample ExCom Decision Record, format to be used for recording CG decisionsSample ExCom Decision Record Contact: Ken Shaffer,

12 12 GeoLoB Work Plan Vote Summary Work plans have been approved by a CG quorum majority vote Results are documented in the vote ballot Read ahead: CG GeoLoB Work Plan Approval BallotCG GeoLoB Work Plan Approval Ballot Contact: Lew Sanford,

13 13 National Wetlands Standard (updated) Electronic vote was sent to the SAOGIs on the endorsement of the NW Standard Vote closed 7/6 The National Wetlands Standard votes was overwhelmingly positive (zero no’s) The NWS is now an FGDC endorsed standard.

14 14 Dashboard Reporting - discussion Dashboard for GeoLoB reporting, to be used by working groups and subcommittees Read ahead for Dashboard Report Discussion: At-a-Glance Summary At-a-Glance Summary Note that the DRAFT does not reflect actual reporting data. The read ahead is intended for format/content discussion. Actual reporting data will be updated prior to the CG meeting. Objective: Consensus on dashboard so usage can begin

15 15 CG Charter Update - discussion Read ahead: Draft CG CharterDraft CG Charter Draft June 15, 2009 Objective: Vote on acceptance of CG charter in order to send to SC for action

16 16 Working Groups/Subcommittee Structure – discussion (updated) Changes were recommended at the CG off- site meeting Changes have been incorporated into the structure graphic Discussion session to occur Read ahead: Revised FGDC Structure GraphicRevised FGDC Structure Graphic Objective: Confirm structure changes and determine next steps Discuss standardized charter structure for SCs/WGs

17 17 FortiusOne CAP - presentation FortiusOne CAP award description: GeoCommons site where you can try the capabilities (requires login to cache your preferences) No read ahead is supplied since this is a live presentation

18 18 Ken Shaffer FGDC Deputy Executive Director 703-648-5740

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