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Pyroless HPR Deployment Device

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1 Pyroless HPR Deployment Device
By Troy Prideaux

2 The Central Latch Mechanism

3 The Central Latch Mechanism

4 The Complete Gas Device

5 Available Gas Volume

6 Latching Mechanism

7 Latch Status Easily identifiable latch status

8 Device Testing Example

9 Testing 90mm PostPak with short device @600 Psi

10 Photographic example of the implementation of the device

11 Theoretical Parameters

12 Virtues of System (in comparison to standard Pyros)
Safety: Less sensitive to sparks & electromagnetic spikes No hazardous temperatures generated or required Non-instant activation delays Preparation: Faster and easier preparation than pyros Less chance of damaging critical expendable parts (eg. Ematch installation) Less anxiety for the preparation (once you’re familiarized with it) Reliability: No expendable pyrotechnic devices to be connected and installed Option for thorough ground testing reusable device to reduce or eliminate the requirement for redundancy Regulatory: No hazardous or dangerous or regulated parts required Potentially less compliance work required for projects/facilities that require stringent requirements for pyrotechnic devices eg, government/defence operated ranges.

13 General Virtues Low power actuation (can operate on 1 AAA battery)
Wide operating voltage range (1.5V – 12V) 1st 2 points renders it directly compatible with all the available flight electronics systems. Minimal increased footprint from pyro canisters Modest weight increase for larger rockets Easy mounting points High Discharge Rate - Instant Discharge FAIAP Quick(ish) response time

14 Disadvantages over Standard BP Pyros
Is a larger & heavier unit Complex device – Higher production costs

15 End of Presentation Any Questions?

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