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What is the World System?

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1 What is the World System?
How the world is structured by interconnection among different nations/ Societies Societies belong to global web of cores and peripheries There is stratification among nations due to European Expansion since 15th century

2 Core, Semi/periphery Characteristics of core:
Countries of the core occupy the dominant position in world system Strongest and most powerful nations, complex technology etc churns out products that flow to the periphery

3 Semi-periphery Nations that are intermediate between the core and peripheral nations eg. Mexico, Brazil, India They export industrial goods and commodities but lack the power of the core

4 Periphery Nations Major producers of raw material, cotton, sugar, rubber lack technological advancement and suffered European rule or colonialism Still under Neo-colonialism

5 The World-System Wallerstein, Immanuel core periphery Semi-periphery

6 Expansion of Europe Industrial Revolution transformed Europe by 1750 and after Industrialization needed capital for investment in foreign lands The search for commodities, minerals, Sugar, Cotton & Slaves led to colonialism

7 Implications of Colonialism
Violence/ disease and depopulations Loss of control over land and other natural resources Labor exploitation and taxation Impose cultural changes

8 What is modernity? A self-conscious break with tradition
Reflection of human progress and perfectibility Time and markers of grand narratives

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