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1 The Committee on Global Accreditation Activities 16 February 2008 Moshe Kam, Chair CGAA Presentation to EAB Louisville, KY.

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1 1 The Committee on Global Accreditation Activities 16 February 2008 Moshe Kam, Chair CGAA Presentation to EAB Louisville, KY

2 2 CGAA: Mission and Scope To identify and meet the accreditation needs of the profession, by assisting in the establishment, operation, development and implementation of accrediting bodies and accreditation procedures in engineering, computing and technology (ECT) worldwide. To coordinate transnational accreditation activities on behalf of the IEEE, including assistance to existing accrediting bodies, development of new accrediting bodies, and education about ECT accreditation.

3 3 2008 Members NameSectionRegionRole Moshe KamPhiladelphia2Chair Enrique AlvarezPeru9Member Ernesto Cuadros- Vargas Peru9Member Chandrabhan Sharma Trinidad and Tobago 9Member Eric TappertLehigh Valley2APC Chair Matej ZajcSlovenia8Member Xiaoxun ZhuXian10Member

4 4 IEEEs Role in Accreditation (1) IEEE considers accreditation a key vehicle to ensure active involvement of the Institute in maintaining the quality and relevance of engineering education IEEE seeks a leadership role in accreditation within all the areas of its technical activities

5 5 Key IEEE Activities Providing help to accrediting bodies in formation Including training of evaluators Providing help to groups that want to start new accrediting bodies Providing education about accreditation

6 6 Where do we operate now? China: Working Group on Education in China First meeting: November 2006 Peru: ICACIT The Caribbean: new accrediting body for programs taught in English T&T: West Indies University

7 7 International Accreditation: China In 2006 we established an accreditation working group in China Face-to-face meeting in November 2006 2007 Activities A major workshop on engineering accreditation in cooperation with CAST A translation of ABET accreditation materials into Chinese was completed by EAB Meetings with decision makers in various ministries

8 8 2007 Workshop (Beijing) 40 attendees Most are program evaluators in training IEEE: Bruce Eisenstein, Michael Lightner, Moshe Kam Engineers Ireland: Don McCloy Meetings at the Ministries of Personnel, Construction and Education

9 9 Ministry of Education Beijing 2007

10 10

11 11 Beijing 2007 Bruce Eisenstein speaks Note the Engineers Ireland Logo

12 12 Activities Planned for 2008 in China An accreditation workshop with CAST and the Ministry of Education Close to 100 attendees expected All fields of engineering A 4-hour event narrated by M. Lightner and M. Kam

13 13 International Accreditation: Peru IEEE is providing on-going assistance to the Peruvian accrediting body ICACIT ICACIT was formed in the early 2000s In December 2006 we have provided the first non- US EAB training for program evaluators in Peru Instructional material developed Mario Gonzalez prepared and delivered We provided a complete translation of ABET materials into Spanish We are also maintaining a website for ICACIT

14 14 Training session for Peruvian program evaluators, December 2006 Lima, December 2006

15 15 Activities in Peru in 2007 First Draft of the governance documents and structure of ICACIT A second training workshop for program evaluators in Arequipa Mario Gonzalez prepared and delivered Planning with the leadership of ICACIT toward the first independent visit

16 16 Arequipa, December 2007

17 17 Arequipa, December 2007

18 18 Activities Planned for 2008 Final versions of accreditation manuals Engineering, Technology, Computing Appointment of 20 Program Evaluators Staffing of the accreditation committees The first series of independent accreditation visits by ICACIT

19 19 Accreditation Agency for Technology, Engineering and Computing in the Caribbean

20 20 Scope English speaking Caribbean An effort requiring 3-6 years and the consent and participation of all major constituencies A collaboration of… Academic institutions and the faculty Industry, especially employers of engineers and technologists Governmental bodies and regulators

21 21 Desired Final Outcome A fully functional stable accrediting body operating wherever there is a higher education institute in the Caribbean Membership of the accrediting body in the Washington Accord

22 22 Activities so far Preliminary review of goals and desired outcomes April 2007, UWI, Trinidad Meeting of representatives from the English-speaking Caribbean September 2007, Trinidad Stakeholder meeting (planned) First Quarter 2008, Puerto Rico

23 23 Member Assembly Board of Directors Engineering Computing TechnologyCOMMISSIONS Program Evaluators STAFF

24 24 Additional Activities Identification of potential institution building needs in Region 9 Review of needs in Region 8 Participation in the preparation of an IEEE workshop/symposium on the future of accreditation

25 25 Questions or Comments

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