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Chapter 10 Enhancing Specific Selections. Chapter Lessons Create an alpha channel Isolate an object Erase areas in an image to enhance appearance Use.

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1 Chapter 10 Enhancing Specific Selections

2 Chapter Lessons Create an alpha channel Isolate an object Erase areas in an image to enhance appearance Use the Clone Stamp tool to make repairs Use the Magic Wand tool to select objects Learn how to create snapshots Create multiple-image layouts

3 Using Channels Nearly every image opened or created in Photoshop is separated into channels Channels are used to house the color information for each layer and layer mask in an image

4 Fixing Imperfections Isolate areas Erase areas using a variety of eraser tools Take a sample and then paint that sample over an area using the Clone Stamp tool

5 Creating Snapshots Use the snapshot command to make a temporary copy of any state of an image The snapshot is added (above the states) at the top of the History panel

6 Advantages of Snapshots Name a snapshot to make it easy to identify and manage Compare changes to images easily: take a snapshot before and after making changes Recover work easily

7 Using Automation Features Create an image that contains various sizes of the same image or several different images Print images in a variety of sizes and shapes on a single sheet Create a contact sheet consisting of thumbnail images

8 Create an Alpha Channel Created automatically in a new image Used to store color information about images Example: –A CMYK image has at least four channels (cyan, magenta, yellow, black)

9 More on Channels An image can consist of from 1 to 24 color channels Default channels are color channels contained in an image and created automatically Add Alpha or Spot channels to images displayed in all color modes, except the bitmap modes

10 Alpha and Spot Channels Alpha Channels and Spot Channel specify color information added to the image Alpha channel is used to: –Create and store masks to manipulate, isolate, or protect parts of an image Spot channel contains: –Information about special pre-mixed inks used in CYMK color printing

11 Understanding Alpha Channels Create on the Channels panel Can create an alpha channel that masks all or specific areas of a layer Use alpha channels to: –Preserve a selection for experimentation –Use later –Create special effects –Save and reuse in other images

12 Saving an Alpha Channel Use the following formats to save an alpha channel: –PSD –PDF –PICT –TIFF –Raw Alpha channels do not print

13 Understanding the Channels panel Lists all the default channels contained in a layer Manages all the image’s channels To access: –Click the Channels tab next to the Layers tab

14 Order of Channels On the Channels panel, channels appear in the following order: –Composite channel: combination of other default channels –Additional default channels that are based on existing color modes –Spot color channels –Alpha channels

15 Channels Panel

16 Channel Properties Hide channels Re-order channels View channels as thumbnails on the Channels panel

17 Creating an Alpha Channel Select a portion of an image Click the Save selection as channel button on the Channels panel Double-click the Alpha 1 thumbnail on the Channels panel Click the color box in the Channel Options dialog box Set the color and select options

18 Alpha Layer Example Before Red alpha channel overlaying purple produced violet After

19 Isolate an Object Use the Extract plug-in to isolate a foreground object from its background After extracting an image, modify the extracted object layer as required

20 Using Extract Use tools in the Extract dialog box to extract objects: –Use the Edge Highlighter tool to trace the edge of the object to extract –Use the Fill tool to select everything inside the edge

21 Extract Plug-in Tools

22 Enhance Appearance with Eraser Tools Use eraser tools to erase an area without going through the extraction process Three eraser tools are available: –Eraser tool –Background Eraser tool –Magic Eraser tool

23 Eraser Tool Examples Magic Eraser erases similarly colored pixels Background Eraser exposes transparency of the layer below Eraser tool exposes background color

24 Fix Imperfections in an Image Use the Clone Stamp tool to copy a sample in an image, then paste it over an area to cover Size of the sample taken depends on the brush tip size selected

25 Using the Clone Stamp Tool Object to delete Sampled area applied to hide portions of the object

26 Use the Magic Wand Tool to Select Objects Use the Magic Wand tool to choose pixels that are similar to pixels clicked in an image Specific tolerance settings Specify whether to select only contiguous pixels

27 Understanding Tolerance Tolerance setting determines the range of colors that can be selected with the Magic Wand tool Example: –Low tolerance: Magic Wand tool selects a narrow range of pixels –High tolerance: Magic Wand tool selects a wider range of pixels

28 Using the Eyedropper Tool Area selected by the Magic Wand tool is related to the settings for the Eyedropper tool While working with the Magic Wand tool, verify or change Eyedropper tool settings as needed

29 Learn How to Create Snapshots Create a snapshot of the image at various stages: –Before beginning an editing session –After crucial changes have been made Use the snapshot to revert to original image settings, if required

30 Creating a Snapshot Click the Create new snapshot button on the History panel Each new snapshot is numbered consecutively, and can be renamed Snapshots appear in order at the top of the History panel

31 Snapshot Commands: History panel

32 Create Multiple-Image Layouts Understanding a Picture Package Created in Adobe Bridge Generate multiple-image layouts A picture package can contain multiple sizes of a single image Can be saved as a PDF

33 Sample Picture Package

34 Assembling a Contact Sheet Assemble a maximum of 30 thumbnail images per page within a folder

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