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Kitchen Tools.

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1 Kitchen Tools

2 Large Appliances Major Appliances (Large kitchen equipment)
Range (Stove): Large kitchen appliance used to cook or heat food and is powered by gas or electricity. Oven: Large kitchen appliance used to bake or roast foods. There are 2 types: standard and convection. Refrigerator: Large kitchen appliance used to keep perishable items cold. Dishwasher: Large kitchen appliance used to clean dishes and kitchen utensils. Microwave oven (An appliance that cooks by vibrating the molecules in food)

3 Small Appliances Small electrically powered kitchen equipment
Common small appliances Handheld mixer: Used to mix light to medium batters Stand mixer: Used to mix larger amounts or thicker batters. Does not need to be held. Toaster: Used to brown and crisp slices of bread. Food processors: Used to perform many cutting and mixing tasks using blades and disks. Blenders: Used to bend, chop, mix, and purée. Usually has push-button or touch-pad controls.

4 Cutting Tools Used to cut or chop food

5 Cutting Board A safe surface used for cutting to protect knife blades and counter tops

6 Chef knife Used for mincing, slicing, and chopping vegetables, slicing meat, and disjointing large cuts.

7 Paring Knife Small utility knife that can be used for peeling and chopping fruits and vegetables.

8 Measuring Tools Used for measuring liquid and dry ingredients
Small and large amounts

9 used to measure a small amount of an ingredient, either liquid or dry
Measuring Spoons used to measure a small amount of an ingredient, either liquid or dry

10 Dry Measuring Cups Used for measuring dry ingredients like flour and sugar. The flat rim allows for a more accurate measurement.

11 Hint: Always get eye level to check correct amount.
Liquid Measuring Cup Used for measuring liquid ingredients. Typically ,made of plastic or glass. Hint: Always get eye level to check correct amount.

12 Mixing Tools Preparation tool Used to incorporate food items together

13 used for mixing of ingredients…
Mixing Bowls used for mixing of ingredients… Hint: Dry and wet ingredients are often mixed in different bowls before combining.

14 Rubber Scraper                                               Used for scraping the sides of bowls when mixing food or transporting food from one container to another. They have a wide, flexible rubber blade.

15 Large Spoon/Mixing spoon
                                              Used to mix and combine both dry and wet ingredients. They have long handles. They can be made of metal, wood, plastic, or silicone.

16 Wire Whisk Used to beat and blend ingredients smooth, or to incorporate(add) air into a mixture. They are especially efficient for combining liquid ingredients and beating eggs. Hint: The process of adding air into a mixture is called whisking or whipping.

17 Bakeware and Cookware Equipment used in oven or on stove top

18 Baking Sheet Rectangular, low sided pans that are used in the oven for baking things such as cookies or pizza.

19 Muffin Pans Have from 6-12 individual cups to cook small portion such as a muffin or cupcake.

20 Loaf Pan Used for breads and meatloaves. Can be made of glass, metal, or silicone.

21 Pie Dish Round pans that come in different sizes and depths. The sides are slightly angled out to hold crust. Can be made of glass, metal, or silicone.

22 Skillet Shallow pans with long handles. Often used for sautéing and searing foods.

23 Saucepan Sauce pans have a handle and are deep. They are measured in quarts or liters.

24 Stockpot Large deep pot with two small handles on each side. Often used for making stocks or boiling pasta.

25 Other Kitchen Utensils
Variety of tools used to make working in the kitchen easier

26 Can Opener Used to open cans

27 Colander Bowl with holes used for draining liquids off a food such as cooked pasta.

28 Grater Used to shred and grate vegetables and cheese

29 Peeler Used to peel vegetables and fruits
Peeler Used to peel vegetables and fruits. Some peelers have a blade that swivels for ease in paring.

30 Tongs Used to grasp or hold food such as chicken wings or corncobs

31 Kitchen Sheers Sturdy scissors kept in the kitchen used for cutting vegetables, pastry, poultry (chicken), and meat.

32 Turner NOT a spatula… I know SpongeBob lied :)
                                              Or, wide spatulas, are used to lift and turn foods such as hamburgers or pancakes.

33 Spatulas Dull, narrow blades useful for leveling ingredients such flour or frosting on cakes.

34 Slotted Spoon Used for lifting solid foods liquid, like separating vegetables form their cooking juice.

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