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Drive-ing through a Classroom A reflection on my teaching through a “Pink” lens.

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1 Drive-ing through a Classroom A reflection on my teaching through a “Pink” lens.

2 Rewards and Punishments 



5 Motivation comes from Autonomy Mastery Purpose

6 Autonomy of Time Task Technique Team

7 Homework Perfect world: Everyone does their homework tonight, since we will be using the ideas in class tomorrow. Reality: Other classes, family, job, and extra- curricular activities sometimes take priority, but it is still important to get this work done reasonably soon.

8 Homework Solutions available online, use them as you need them. Some choice: – Practice (optional, but potentially helpful) – VIP (must do these) – Challenge (optional, but potentially interesting)

9 Homework and Autonomy Time: Due date is somewhat flexible Task: Some choice about which problems to do Technique: Resources available Team: Some students chose to work together

10 versus “We need to teach these kids responsibility! No looking in the back and no points for late homework!”

11 Better: More homework completed More work shown and problems tried, including practice and challenge problems Less copying from the solutions or each other versus

12 Mastery Humans have a desire to improve

13 Beliefs about Mastery Improvement is possible, and comes through persistent effort “Goldilocks” Principle

14 Too cold Too hot

15 Developing a Mastery Mindset This is important You can do this I won’t give up on you Open, interesting questions Wait time and group work Use student work to ask next question

16 Developing a Mastery Mindset You may not know this yet, but you will soon. Being smart doesn’t mean knowing answers to hard questions, it means sticking with the hard questions until you can come up with an answer. Sometimes, we have to change our efforts if we want to change our results.

17 Purpose

18 Why do we have to learn this? When am I ever going to use this? What possible use is ?

19 DeCraene’s reasons for teaching math, and why you should learn it 1.Math is the language of the other sciences. 2.Math is power. 3.Math is alive, growing, and always interesting. 4.Math is endlessly useful, even if we don’t see it at first. 5.Math is FUN!

20 Motivation Not about rewards and punishments Build in Autonomy Foster a Mastery Mindset Help students see their Purpose and place in the math world.

21 Time ’ s Up! About your speaker: – Peter DeCraene – Evanston Township High School – 847-424-7600 – – Teaching Math and Computer Science since 1988 to 5 th through 12 th graders; Last 15 years at ETHS, this year as Department Chair.

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