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5 Major Printing Processes

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1 5 Major Printing Processes
What to know about each: Substrate Image Carrier Image Area Non-Image Area

2 Toner-Based (Electrostatic)
Digital Printing Ink-Jet Toner-Based (Electrostatic)

3 Digital Printing Ink-Jet Products Small Quantity Print Runs
Posters & Signs Large Format Billboards Specialty Wraps

4 Digital Printing Toner-Based Products Low-Medium Quantities
Full-Color Printing Books Business Cards Postcards Custom Products Fliers Brochures Photo Copies

5 Screen Printing Screen Prints
Substrate – Paper, Plastic, Fabrics, etc. Image Carrier – Stenciled Screen Image Area – No stencil, open pores of screen Non-Image Area – blocked by stencil

6 Screen Printed Products Shirts Hats Signs
Screen Printing Screen Printed Products Shirts Hats Signs

7 Lithography Printing (Offset)
Water and Oil DO NOT Mix

8 Lithography Printing (Offset Printing)
Substrate – Paper Image Carrier – Flat Plate Image Area – Positive areas Non-Image Area – Negative Areas

9 Lithography Printing (Offset Printing)
Offset Printed Products Large Quantities Books Newspapers Brochures Flyers

10 Relief Printing (Flexography)

11 Relief Printing (Flexography)
Substrate – Paper Image Carrier – Flat Plate, or wrapped around cylinder Image Area – Top surface of plate Non-Image Area – removed, below surface of plate.

12 Relief Printing (Flexography)
Flexography Printed Products Packaging Plastic Grocery Bags

13 Gravure Printing Non-Image Area Image etched into cylinder.
Ink sets in applied to the etched areas. Image Area

14 Gravure Printing Substrate – Paper
Image Carrier – Image Etched into Plate Image Area – Below Surface of Plate Non-Image Area – Surface of Plate

15 Gravure Printing Gravure Printed Products Extremely Long Press Runs
Catalogs Magazines Currency Plastic Packaging

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