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Digesting key information.

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14 Digesting key information



17 Art work

18 Building project


20 Stretch and Challenge Comfort

21 Kibblestone & High Adventure

22 What to pack (no suitcases please) Clothing: 2x Outdoor footwear (1 wet one dry) Old pair of trainers Old pair of trainers, separate from those worn at camp to use for the watersports activity. 3 to 4 pairs of trackies/combats (NOT JEANS) 4 to 5 T Shirts 3 to 4 Sweatshirts (Warm Layers) Plenty of Undies & Socks Gloves & Hat – (Warm) & Sun Hat Warm Jacket Waterproofs

23 2 x Towels (1 x very big one for changing purposes) Toiletries Baby Wipes (Great for a quick freshen up) Sleeping bag, clearly labelled in a plastic liner Bin Bags for separating wet clothes Torch and Spare batteries – a must! Small Rucksack/Daypack Sun Protection & Inspect Repellent Mug Small Drinks bottle Small amount of spending money as there is a tuck shop on site Battery operated alarm clock (one per tent) Favourite Teddy(?) Labelled Medication e.g; Inhalers. Please inform the school in writing of any medication that you need to take on school camp and full details of how it is to be administered. If you wish to speak to Mr Hudson regarding this, please contact him on 01244 335843.

24 General contact with home A poor mobile phone signal at High Adventure, and students will not have access to power points. Because of this no students should bring a mobile phone with them. No pay phones. Homesickness is a banned word Staff do have access to a phone in case of emergency, or if a pupil needs to be picked up from camp. You will be provided with this number before students leave.

25 Behaviour ‘Happy Hardworking and Courteous’ Parents will be asked to pick up any child who misbehaves or prove to be a danger to themselves or others. This has happened in the past, but not since we have been visiting the High Adventure site.

26 First aid Centre staff do hold first aid certificates. James Hudson will be the schools first aider during camp. He can be contacted via e mail on Medication should be brought to the school on the Monday morning of camp (at the latest), labelled with instructions on how much needs to be taken and when.

27 Timings Camp starts on MONDAY 1 ST June 2015, Staff and Students and will be leaving school at 9.AM. Students should be in school for the usual time and will be allocated a room to report to until we are ready to depart. THURSDAY Students, staff and helpers will all be travelling back to school together by the transport provided on THURSDAY 4 th Arriving back at Christleton at approximately 5PM. (We will send out school comms texts if we are delayed or early)

28 Accommodation Six to a tent

29 Groups Two tents will join up to form one group. We will be asking students to rate their ability for the activities on offer. not This will not impact on your tent, just the order that students climb. A member of staff and a 6 th former will be attached to this group. Fully trained centre staff will lead all day time activities.

30 Food and drink

31 Tuck Shop 6 th form students will be running a tuck shop in aid of the Borneo expiation. We request that students bring a maximum of £10 to camp. Students should keep monies on their person at all times.

32 Navigating walk

33 Climbing

34 Archery

35 Bushcraft

36 Rope activities

37 Raft Building

38 Mini caving

39 Cows tail

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