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InlandAB86 San Bernardino Community College District.

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1 InlandAB86 San Bernardino Community College District

2 Planning Grant Timeline 2014 – April: hired Project Coordinator 2014 – October: Sacramento Planning Summit 2015 – March 1: Final Regional Comprehensive Plan Due 2015 – April: Deadline extended to use planning funds until 12/31/2015 2015 – July: New funding formula

3 AB86 Consortium Members San Bernardino Community College District (Fiscal Agent) Grant total $366,883 ◦ Crafton Hills College ◦ San Bernardino Valley College

4 AB86 Consortium Members 5 Unified School Districts ◦ Colton Joint Unified School District ◦ Redlands Unified School District ◦ Rialto Unified School District ◦ San Bernardino City Unified School District ◦ Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint Unified School District

5 AB86 Consortium Partners Community Providers of Adult Education ◦ San Bernardino Public Library – Lifelong learning center ◦ Regional Occupational Programs (ROP)  Baldy View ROP  Colton-Redlands-Yucaipa ROP  San Bernardino City ROP ◦ San Bernardino City Workforce Investment Board (WIB)

6 Program Areas Involved 1. Adult Basic Education (K-12, Basic Skills, GED & High School Diploma) 2. Classes for Immigrants (Citizenship, ESL & Workforce Preparation) 3. Short-term Career Technical Education Programs 4. Programs for Adults with Disabilities 5. Programs for Apprenticeships 6. Transition Services (not mandated) 7. Curriculum Alignment & Assessments (not mandated)

7 7 Grant Objectives 1. Evaluation of existing Adult Education Programs. 2. Evaluation of Adult Education needs. 3. Plans to integrate programs. 4. Plans to address the gaps. 5. Plans to accelerate a student’s progress. 6. Plans to collaborate on provision of professional development. 7. Plans to leverage existing regional structures

8 Organizational Chart Executive Committee ◦ Chancellor ◦ 2 College Presidents ◦ 5 K-12 Superintendents Steering Committee ◦ 1 Representative from each hub (workgroup) Hub (workgroup) ◦ Faculty, administrators, staff

9 Hub layout

10 Regional Plan Regional plan was developed by the hubs Submitted to the State Chancellor’s Office on March 1, 2015. Comprehensive plan addresses all 7 grant objectives.

11 Construction of the Plan Each Hub met 4 times for 4 hours Each hub answered the following questions ◦ 1 st meeting: Discussion of existing barriers ◦ 2 nd meeting: Development of a practical vision ◦ 3 rd meeting: Strategic Direction ◦ 4 th meeting: Current Reality – 12 Month Accomplishments – Success Indicators =

12 Regional Plan Common Themes Addressing Student Life Barriers that keep students from enrolling or finishing programs. ◦ Use of ◦ Partnering with WIB Create an information linkage ◦ Directory of offerings to help students transition ◦ Assessment Matrix

13 Regional Plan Common Themes Dedicated Website for Adult Education ◦ Map out and share regional resources ◦ Promote transitional pathways for all program areas in AB86 Marketing and Adult Education Branding Continuation of regional meetings for both hub groups and Executive Committee Communication and partnering with all stakeholders in the area

14 Faculty & Student Participation Focus groups were held for both CHC and SBVC, and adult schools to complement the plan the hubs developed A student survey was sent out to SBVC students and made available to all who wanted to replicate it at their campus.

15 Future of AB86 Summer project ◦ Adult Education Marketing and Branding, and dedicated website. ◦ Forming a regional taskforce Awaiting Funding Schedules

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