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Unitedstreaming New Features New and easy interface Professional Development Animations and audio files Daily video content New and enhanced tools Customized.

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1 unitedstreaming New Features New and easy interface Professional Development Animations and audio files Daily video content New and enhanced tools Customized Homepage

2 A tip for using this presentation…. Please check the Notes Page of this PowerPoint presentation. The notes contain additional talking points and information on the new unitedstreaming. Access the Notes Page by clicking on the “View” menu and selecting “Notes Page.”

3 A new and customizable interface that puts more information, search tools, and navigation links on the first screen Use the Subject / Grade Search to locate digital resources that match your teaching areas and grade levels The Curriculum Standards Search helps you to locate materials that have been correlated your state teaching standards Search by keyword for quick results or select “Advanced Search” or “Media Type” options to filter search results Create a custom Homepage to display links to curriculum tools, “My Content”, new videos, calendar events, and Teaching Tips.

4 The enhanced Search Results page includes a number of new features that allow you to: Preview media content with thumbnail images Navigate through site with path or “breadcrumb” links Modify the number of resources displayed on the page Refine search results by selecting media type, subject, or grade

5 New Features: Refined Content Page Greater detail and functionality on the media content pages: –Content tabs for easy access to specific information –Full program descriptions –Tabs to navigate to video segments –Accessible link to media player settings –Printer-friendly versions of content pages –E-mail links to share information with colleagues

6 With the “Add to” feature, you can add the selected resource to your “My Content” folders, assignments, and quizzes. The new Content tabs make it easy to access the full video file, video segments, citations, and related materials. New features give users the ability to generate new pages that are “printer friendly” and send page links by e-mail to other unitedstreaming users.

7 The “Video Segments” tab reveals the contents of each video and gives you the ability to stream or download specific segments of the video as needed.

8 Full dynamic citations in three different formats accompany all unitedstreaming digital media—just copy and paste the data into your project files and presentations

9 Click on the “Related Materials” tab to reveal links to a wide variety of guides and pre- made curriculum materials that accompany the video resources Related Materials include: Blackline Masters Teacher’s Guides Quizzes

10 New Features: Teacher Tools New “Teacher Center” replaces the “Learning Tools” section and features new and enhanced resources: –Redesigned tools for easier integration of media content –Updated Assignment Builder –New Writing Prompt Builder to use with digital images –Enhanced Quiz Builder design and functionality –Thematic Focus lessons and materials for the classroom –Lesson plan library with new search tools

11 The Assignment Builder has a new look and makes it easy for you to access and save materials. The Quiz Builder features more than 2,000 pre-made quizzes or you can build your own. The new Writing Prompt Builder lets you create customized writing activities using unitedstreaming digital images The “Curriculum Resources” have been enhanced and the new Thematic Focus replaces the “Teacher Feature.” The Lesson Plan Library has a new search interface and contains more than 200 lessons designed for use with unitedstreaming videos. Help students connect the past and present with videos that relate to past events and commemorative issues. The Discovery Educator Network is a community of unitedstreaming users from around the world who share teaching resources, strategies, and experiences.

12 New Features: Professional Development The new “Professional Development” section provides a rich variety of resources and online opportunities: –Teaching Tips and Best Practice Video Segments that focus on technology strategies and teaching styles –“Trainer’s Toolkit” filled with support documents and guides –Tech Talk filled with support documents –Self-paced Interactive Training modules –Details about online Webinars and college courses for credit –Project Demonstrations and exemplary lesson plans

13 Teaching Tips provide quick, “how- to” explanations for your technology questions, such as “how to create a hyperlink to a video” Download digital versions of the User’s Guide, the QuickStart Card and other helpful resources. Download resources to help you successfully introduce and maintain unitedstreaming in your school. View short, 30-second segments that profile practicing teachers Self-paced, easy-to-use online sessions are available anywhere, anytime and provide certificate and staff development credit options. Download exemplary lessons and project demonstrations that show you how to integrate unitedstreaming content with software in your classroom. Learn about college-level courses for credit that you can apply to a certificate or masters degree program. Register for a live, online Webinar. Sessions are offered on a variety of topics and times each week.

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