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Safety All The Time Oyuki Ogawa Executive Vice President DENSO CORPORATION.

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2 Safety All The Time Oyuki Ogawa Executive Vice President DENSO CORPORATION

3 Advanced Automotive Society A society where people, cars and the environment co-exist DENSO meets demands for Environment & Safety systems, components

4 Conserve Energy & Protect the Planet Improving fuel economy for all power sources and various fuel types Reducing C0 2 emissions in all company activities

5 Safety Advances 43,000 U.S.-road fatalities in 2006 DENSO supplies a variety of safety technologies Aiming to create safer vehicles for drivers, pedestrians, society

6 Safety All The Time Doug Patton Senior Vice President Engineering Division

7 Technical Leader Passive safety, for minimizing damage Active safety, for warning & avoiding possible collision

8 Airbag Sensing System Supplying airbag sensing components to carmakers worldwide since 1989 G sensor, front & side impact sensors detect severity of collision ECU deploys airbags

9 Adaptive Cruise Control Latest technology allows safe driving from zero to 85 mph Sensor data enables smoother, unnoticeable control for full speed range

10 Pre-Crash Safety Identifies obstacles & vehicles a split-second before collision Automatically tightens seat belts Helps activate pre-crash braking

11 ITS Technology DENSO has built and tested wireless communications for real- world effectiveness Expanding sensor range to non- line-of-sight areas Potential to reduce intersection accidents, pile-ups Opportunities to relieve congestion Improve fuel use, lessen C0 2 emissions

12 Haptic Technology Allows remote operation of cabin equipment Provides mechanical feedback for precision “feel” Customized haptic controls may operate a variety of body electronics Two design options –Steering wheel –Center console joystick Minimizes driver head movements to promote eyes on road

13 Driver Monitoring Technology measures eye blinking & heart rate to detect degree of drowsiness or fatigue System then supplies neck ventilation and sounds warning

14 Future Safety Demonstrator Camera monitors eye-gaze direction System alerts driver if eyes are away from road too long Combined with other technology this assists drivers’ vision

15 Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) Predicts curves ahead using navigation info Redirects headlamps before vehicle enters curve

16 DENSO’s Vision Fewer traffic accidents, less burden on environment Provide improved safety systems & products, enhanced driver assistance Aim to protect drivers, passengers, pedestrians

17 Safety All The Time Thank you Questions & Answers

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