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Unit 4 Notes 3: Nativism Modern US History December 6, 2010.

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1 Unit 4 Notes 3: Nativism Modern US History December 6, 2010

2 Throughout its early history, America was thought of as a melting pot. This metaphor referred to the belief that as people immigrated to the United States they were supposed to give up their native languages and customs to become “ Americans ”.

3 Many new immigrants did not want to abandon their traditional culture, this sentiment especially occurred where new immigrants could settle with others from their home country. During this time, many Americans began to have anti-immigrant tendencies.

4 Nativism Nativism was the favoring of native born Americans. Many nativists also believed that people from Anglo-Saxon descent were better than others (German, English, and Scandinavian). This belief also applied to only accepting people who were Protestant – Catholics and Jews were often discriminated against.

5 Nativism In the West, nativism attacked immigrants from China as many native-born Americans feared that Chinese immigrants would take their jobs because they accepted lower wages.

6 Nativism Nativism exhibited itself by people forming groups that worked to exclude immigrants such as The American Protective Association. Many people of Catholic or Jewish descent were also excluded from businesses, colleges, and social clubs. The anti-Chinese movement in California often resulted in vicious mob attacks against Chinese immigrants.

7 Boycott Chinese Bakery Propaganda

8 Anti- Chinese Propaganda

9 Questions about the Anti- Chinese Posters 1.What is the reason that the National Bakers Union is so upset about The Original Coffee House employing Chinese workers? 2.What is the union using to convince people not to go there? 3.What is the purpose of the Cigar Makers ’ sign? 4.Do you think it really influenced where people shopped?

10 Government Response to Nativism In 1897 Congress passed a bill requiring a literacy test for immigrants – they had to be able to read 40 words in their native language or in English. President Cleveland vetoed the bill at the time, but it became law in 1917.

11 Government Response to Nativism In 1882, Congress passed a bill that halted Chinese immigration to America – the Chinese Exclusion Act. After this bill was passed, only Chinese students, teachers, merchants, tourists and government officials could enter America. This law was not repealed until 1943.

12 Government Response to Nativism Bigotry against Chinese immigrants spread to immigrants of all Asian descent. In 1906 the school board of San Francisco segregated their schools so that Japanese students would have to attend their own school.

13 Government Response to Nativism Japan protested this treatment of their emigrants and President Theodore Roosevelt and Japan worked out a deal called the Gentleman ’ s Agreement. Under this, Japan would limit the flow of unskilled workers to the U.S. and San Francisco would repeal its segregation in schools. The American government also sponsored programs to help Americanize new immigrants.

14 Americanization In the 1800 ’ s, Native Americans were forced to “ Americanize ” in an effort to destroy their culture. Next, new immigrants were being encouraged to become more American or “ Americanize ”. This social program was sponsored by the government and concerned citizens to assimilate a large number from varied cultures into the dominant American culture.

15 Americanization Schools were developed to teach English literacy, American history, and government to new immigrants so that they could get their citizenship. Cooking and social etiquette were also taught. Many immigrants did not want to give up their traditional culture though. Culturally distinct urban neighborhoods helped many immigrants hold onto much of their culture.

16 Americanization 1.What were some benefits of Americanization for new immigrants? 2.What was the bad side of Americanization for new immigrants?

17 Big Question What did nativism have to do with how immigration and industrialization combined?

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