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Independent Agencies and Regulatory Commissions 6 slides of notes.

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1 Independent Agencies and Regulatory Commissions 6 slides of notes

2 Independent Agencies Agencies Congress has set up to help the president perform his duties. Separate from executive departments because the perform specialized duties that may cross over several departments. More than 60 agencies

3 Examples Commission of Civil Rights – collects information about discrimination Farm Credit Administration – help farmers obtain loans Small Business Administration – gives small business loans National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) – runs space program

4 Regulatory Commissions Independent Agencies that have the power to make rules and bring violators to court – their decisions have the force of law.

5 Examples Interstate Commerce Commission – oldest reg com; regulates railroad, bus, truck, and water transportation that crosses state lines Consumer Product Safety Commission – sets safety standards on consumer products Securities and Exchange Commission – enforce laws regulating the buying and selling of stocks and bonds

6 Who runs them? The head of each commission is appointed by the president and approved by the Senate. The serve long terms – up to 14 years

7 Bureaucracy All the departments and agencies of the executive branch form the bureaucracy. Many rules and regulations to get work done called bureaucratic delay or “red tape”.

8 Name that Agency! USDA ▫United States Department of Agriculture HUD ▫Housing and Urban Development IRS ▫Internal Revenue Service

9 CDC ▫Center for Disease Control FDA ▫Food and Drug Administration DEA ▫Drug Enforcement Agency

10 FBI ▫Federal Bureau of Investigation INS ▫Immigration and Naturalization Service OSHA ▫Occupational Safety and Health Administration

11 FAA ▫Federal Aviation Administration NHTSA ▫National Highway Traffic Safety Administration VA ▫Veteran’s Affairs

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