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Literary Terms English 9. Protagonist Main Character Faces a struggle.

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1 Literary Terms English 9

2 Protagonist Main Character Faces a struggle

3 Antagonist Person or force protagonist is fighting against

4 Motivation The psychological/moral impulses and outside circumstances that cause a character to act, think, or feel a certain way

5 Plot The events of a story Sequence (order) of events

6 Plot (elements of) Exposition-introductory information needed to start the work Exciting force-event that starts the rising action Rising action-events which build suspense Turning point/climax-highest point of suspense Falling action-aftermath/consequences Resolution-results of problem solved

7 Obstacle/Complication Problem that the character must overcome

8 Conflict The struggle between opposing forces that determine the action and drama

9 Characterization The method by which an author reveals a character ◦Direct comment from narrator ◦Character’s actions ◦Revelation ◦Inner-thoughts from character ◦What other characters say ◦Character dialogue

10 Dialogue The conversation of two or more people as represented in writing

11 Interior Monologue The presentation of a character’s inner- emotional experience

12 Point of View 1 st person-I, 3 rd person-he/she The vantage point or stance which from which a story is told The eye and mind through which the action is perceived and filtered

13 Similie Compares two unlike things using “like” or “as”

14 Allusion A reference to historical or fictional characters, places, events, or works that the writer assumes the reader will recognize

15 Climax The most exciting part of a story where the main conflict comes together.

16 Foreshadow Giving hints or clues of events that occur later in a work

17 Flashback A way of presenting something that took place in the past

18 Genre Category that literature falls into based on specific standards

19 Imagery Writer’s vivid description that help readers visualize

20 Irony When one thing is expected but another occurs

21 Metaphor One thing representing another Making a comparison

22 Mood How the reader feels about the story

23 Narration The telling of a story The narrator is the person saying the story

24 Onomatopoeia Word that represent sounds

25 Parody Literary work that satirizes another work, its author, or the ideas presented.

26 Personification Giving non-human objects human characteristics

27 Satire Literary device where an author mocks specific people, groups or some aspect of society.

28 Setting The time and place of a story

29 Sonnet Type of poem that has a specific rhyme and meter

30 Subplot Minor story that runs inside the main story

31 Symbol Anything that signifies or stands for something else

32 Theme Broad idea or message Subject of artistic representation An specific or repeating idea; a motif

33 Tone The reflection of the author’s attitude toward his or her subject, characters, and readers

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