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College of Business Studies, Kuwait

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1 College of Business Studies, Kuwait
Clydebank College, Scotland Liz McTaggart, Director of Business Growth, Clydebank College. Dr Husain Almuraikhi, Head of Insurance and Banking, College of Business Studies.

2 Overview The partnership began in May 2011 and is expected to continue until the autumn of 2012. This partnership if developing a Professional Development Award in the field of International Financial Services; This project is involved in employer engagement, development of new curriculum and staff development.

3 Primary Objectives To review and update the current provision of financial services training at the College of Business, Kuwait; To engage with employers to ascertain industry needs and develop a programme which meets their needs To work towards the introduction of an internationally accredited advanced level programme in Financial Services with clear articulation to bachelor’s degree; To share best practice and support the development of quality assurance systems; To develop mobility programmes for college leadership and teaching staff to ensure excellence in curricula and teaching practice; To collaborate in the development of high quality teaching materials for the delivery of the first year of the Professional Development Award in Financial Services including online materials

4 Three achievements Opportunity to work with top level individuals in the banking sector in Kuwait. At an advanced stage in the development of a new Professional Development Award in International Financial Services. The College of Business Studies in Kuwait have had an offer from the Secretary General of the Kuwait Banking Association to fully kit out a simulated bank in their new college. This was a direct result of a meeting arrange by the British Council in relation to this partnership.

5 One challenge Communication and Changing Priorities.

6 Two benefits Development of a totally new award which is not parochial to the UK financial services sector but give a global perspective and is internationally transferrable. The opportunity to share good practice with partners from another culture.


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