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Mrs. Fogler’s First Grade Welcome parents!. Welcome to First Grade!  We are a class of 21, learning and growing every day.  Each day presents new challenges.

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1 Mrs. Fogler’s First Grade Welcome parents!

2 Welcome to First Grade!  We are a class of 21, learning and growing every day.  Each day presents new challenges and new opportunities to succeed. It is going to be a GREAT year!

3 Our Goals  To give students the academic and social skills needed to progress to second grade and beyond.  To provide a supportive, safe and fun classroom environment.  To work together to help each child reach their full potential.

4 Daily Schedule Curriculum:  8:40-8:50 arrival and attendance  8:50-9:15 Calendar Math  9:20-10:55 Reading  11:00-11:15 Handwriting (Mon, Tues, Wed)  11:15- 11:30 Recess 11:00-11:30 (Thurs-Fri)  11:35- 12:05 Lunch  12:10-1:45 Math & Math Facts  1:45-2:15 Writing  2:20-2:55 Specials  2:55-3:30-Science/ Social Studies  Friday 3:00 Olweus

5  Developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project  Based on research about how children learn and develop mathematical power  Provides the broad mathematical background needed in the 21st century

6 In Everyday Math, you can expect:  A problem-solving approach based on everyday situations  An instructional approach that revisits concepts regularly  Frequent practice of basic skills, often through games  Lessons based on activities and discussion, not a textbook  Mathematical content that goes beyond basic arithmetic

7 Parental Involvement  Use Everyday Math Online to play online math games  Classroom Volunteering during Games Days or Explorations Days (parents will be given advance notice of these special days and will be asked to sign in at the office before entering a classroom).  Parent Letters  Assist with Home Links and Study Links  Play games at home  Practice facts  Read math literature books

8 Everyday Math at Gregory School Check the Gregory School home page. Click on the curriculum page to find information about what’s new in math at Gregory School! Visit For more information about EM Visit To play online games and use student online resources For more information about math at Gregory School you can visit the math facilitator, Mrs. Harding, or call her office 732-222-7048 ext. 47014

9 Treasures Overview Treasures is aligned to the Common Core Standards

10 1 st through 5 th Grade 6-Units 6 Units – Unit Theme 6 Weeks each (weekly skill focus)

11 15 min whole group (Oral Language, Vocabulary) 15 min stations & small group 15 min whole group (Comprehension/Vocabulary) 15 min stations & small group 15 min whole group (Phonics/Phonemic Awareness/High Frequency words ) 15 min stations & small group 30 min Writing/Grammar/Conferencing *Please note: times are approximate Daily Schedule (120 min reading/writing block)

12 Whole Group Instruction Whole-group instruction introduces tested skills and lets teachers identify areas of students weakness. It is scaffolded, progressing from easier to more complex content.

13 Small Group Instruction  All students receive quality instruction during whole-class participation. But, because not all students are on the same level at the same time, Treasures also provides differentiation options for every tested skill and strategy—small-group instructional options for students at varying skill levels.

14 Independent Reading Homework  Students will select text on their just right reading level. Texts may be a variety of genres from fiction to non fiction, poetry, newspapers, magazines, etc. Students will be provided with a process to record responses to their reading. This may in the form of read and respond forms, reading journals, etc. The homework will highlight a targeted skill connected to an identified weekly reading standard.

15 Arrival & Dismissal All children may eat breakfast beginning at 8:30. If you bring your child to school after 8:50 please be sure they sign in and get a late pass at the door by the office. If you need to pick up your child early or if someone else is picking them up, please write a note. Dismissal is at 3:30 at the doors by the All Purpose Room.

16 Specials  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Gym  Health  Art  Library  Music

17 Uniformity of Dress Please follow the dress code. No cargo pants or shorts. All shirts must have patches on the left side. No colored sweatshirts or denim jackets can be worn in the classroom. Sweatshirts and sweaters must be white, gray or green.

18 Meal Time  Students eat breakfast and lunch in the all purpose room.  Breakfast begins at 8:30, ends at 8:50  We have a short snack time in the afternoon, usually right before specials. Please send only one snack and or one drink

19 Homework Students have homework every night. Please check to see that students put their name on homework papers and that it is completed in pencil. Please be sure to review and sign homework. Corrected work will be sent home in a purple folder. Please sign the folder and return it, but you may keep the corrected work.

20 Teacher Pages * You can access information about school and class from home through the teacher’s web pages.  

21 Birthday Celebrations Please do not send in any cupcakes, cookies or sweets for birthdays. If you would like to send in stickers or pencils, pretzels fruit or popcorn, that is fine. Bring items to the office.

22 Report Cards Report cards are based on the NJ Core Content Standards. They will be available in English and Spanish. Report card grades range from 1-4 and show progress relating to the standards.

23 Questions? I will answer any questions you have at this time or if you think of something at another time please feel free to contact me. I can be reached at or 732 222-7048

24 Let’s Have a Great Year!

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