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Present Continuous Tense Настоящее продолженное время

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1 Present Continuous Tense Настоящее продолженное время

2 Настоящее продолженное время
(Present Continuous – Present Progressive) Present Continuous образуется при помощи вспомогательного глагола to be в Present Simple + причастие I смыслового глагола (-ing – форма). I am speaking English now. Are you cooking now? No, 1 am not cooking. No, I am not. Present Progressive употребляется для обозначения действия в развитии в момент речи, обычно со словами now, right now She is writing a report in the library now.

3 Упражнение 1. Употребите am/is/are:
1. What ... Tom doing now? He ... reading in the library Sorry, I ... very busy now. I ... writing a report The boys ... playing volleyball at the stadium They ... watching TV. It ... an interesting film What ... you doing, Mary? I ... listening to the new song. It ... so nice What language ... they speaking? I don't understand them. They ... speaking Spanish Where ... you, Bill? I ... in the sitting-room. I ... reading here Where ... Ben from? He ... from the USA Look, he ... driving a car very well Listen, somebody ... singing in the hall.

4 Упражнение 2. Употребите Present Simple или Present Progressive.
1. Excuse me, you (speak) English? – Yes, a little What ... she (do)? – She is a teacher Sorry, I am very busy. I (to have) a lesson We ... three English lessons a week He usually (come) home at He is a good tennis player. But he ... (play) very often Where they (play)? – They ... at the stadium He often (clean) windows? – Yes, he often (help) his mother Why you (speak) so loudly? You ... at a lesson The sun (rise) in the East.

5 Упражнение 3. Поставьте вопросы к подлежащему.
Образец: We discuss many problems in class. – Who discusses many problems in class? 1. I live in Volgograd I am teaching English Roger is sitting opposite me We have breakfast at The teacher has a book in his hand They have a dog You are not a student She usually goes to school at We always go to school on foot Harry likes to draw animals.

6 Упражнение 4. 1. I … dinner (to have).
Поставьте глаголы в Present Continuous. 1. I … dinner (to have). 2. They … in the south (to travel). 3. They … fruit in that store now (not to sell). 4. She … a new coat (to try on). 5. What … you … for, Mum? (to look) 6. Mandy … still … in the garden (to work).

7 Упражнение 5. every day now 1. I watch TV every day.
Поставьте глаголы в Present Continuous. every day now 1. I watch TV every day. 2. He sleeps every night. 3. We read newspapers every morning. 4. They drink milk after lunch. 5. My brother doesn’t go to school. 6. She plays in the afternoon. 7. Do you work every day? 8. What does he eat at breakfast?

8 Раскройте скобки и поставьте глаголы в Present Continuous.
Упражнение 6. Раскройте скобки и поставьте глаголы в Present Continuous. 1. Helen (to learn) an English poem now. 2. The children (to look) at the blackboard now. 3. Mary (to open) the window now. 4. My parents (to work) now. 5. I (to sing) a song now. 6. The boys (to play) table-tennis now. 7. The pupil (to write) a composition now. 8. I (to speak) English now. 9. My parents (to cook) dinner now. 10. Mary and Ann (to help) their mother at home now.

9 Упражнение 7. Поставьте предложения в Present Continuous Tense.
1. John and his friends (to go) to the library. 2. I (not to smoke) a cigarette. 3. Look! The baby (to sleep). 4. What your sister (to do) now? 5. Listen! Who (to play) the piano in the next room? 6. Denny is in the library. He (to write) a composition. 7. They (not to clean) the house now.

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