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You might like to show the film at the beginning of the session – it lasts about 4 minutes and you will need sound. This session will take about 45 minutes.

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Presentation on theme: "You might like to show the film at the beginning of the session – it lasts about 4 minutes and you will need sound. This session will take about 45 minutes."— Presentation transcript:

1 You might like to show the film at the beginning of the session – it lasts about 4 minutes and you will need sound. This session will take about 45 minutes. An Introduction

2 British Council Contacts
UK Ruth Cocks Project Delivery Manager Stephen Hull Project Delivery Officer Mexico Bruno Hernández Project Manager Venezuela Mark Gregson Project Delivery Manager Jamaica Camille Neil Project Delivery Manager Trinidad and Tobago Allyson Pantin Project Delivery Manager Introduce team (add officers overseas) 2

3 What is Connecting Classrooms?
British Council Connecting Classrooms builds lasting partnerships between groups of schools in the UK and around the world. Through these partnerships, the programme develops trust and understanding between different communities, and gives young people the skills and cultural awareness they need to live and work in a global society. Ruth: Read this slide then play the video 3 3 3

4 Connecting Classrooms
Funded and managed by the British Council Sustainable partnerships between groups of schools in the UK and around the world Aims to bring about long-term change through working with teachers, school leaders, local authorities and policy-makers Joint curriculum projects Professional development for teachers and school leaders Online community of schools DCSF International School Award accreditation

To embed the international dimension COLLABORATIVE LEARNING Collaborative Curriculum Projects Connecting Classrooms has three core components which will be delivered worldwide. RECOGNITION International School Award Next 5 5 5

Core: Collaborative Curriculum Projects RECOGNITION International School Award PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT To embed the international dimension Global Citizen Award International Teacher Award International Leader Award Community Action Projects Language Projects Bilateral Leadership Programme Coaching and Mentoring Students as Leaders Arts Projects In order to respond to different educational priorities around the world, Connecting Classrooms also offers flexibility through a unique menu of additional options. Connecting Classrooms recognises that education systems are different around the world and therefore allows us to “think globally but act locally”. 6 6 6

7 Collaborative curriculum projects
Enable learners to interact across Geographical boundaries to enhance their understanding of each others societies, languages and cultures. Collaborative Curriculum Projects and school links are the key focus for CC LAC. The main aim is to create the opportunity for clusters of schools to from sustainable partnerships through developing joint projects which focus on pupil to pupil collaboration to create global citizens of the future Back 7 7 7

8 Professional development
To enable teachers and school leaders to build capacity, support, international partnerships and embed the international dimension within the culture and ethos of the schools involved. This will be provided through access to the leadership tools already produced and also through the opportunities provided to the international co-ordinator course. Back 8 8 8

9 Recognition Schools that participate in Connecting Classrooms become eligible for the International School Award, recognising the school’s commitment to forming international partnerships and developing global citizens We will talk more about the ISA later Back 9 9 9

10 Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)

11 Connecting Classrooms
Country Pilot Schools Cohort One Schools Cohort Two Schools Brazil 25 Mexico 15 Venezuela 10 Colombia Argentina 8 Cuba 5 Chile Jamaica T&T Total 93 95 Connecting Classrooms in the LAC Highlight total numbers of schools – 3 year programme, Started with leadership focus (SLANT) now largely focussing on school links and collaborative curriculum projects but the leadership work with pilot cohort still continues and your schools may be interested in accessing the toolkit for example. Next year another 95 schools.

12 The Programme Year 2 Year 1 Year 3 Cluster grant
UK and LAC cluster receive £2,500 for project work. Cluster co-ordinators receive £1,000 for co-ordinating partnership Joint curriculum projects Curriculum related joint project activities Professional development opportunities Developing practitioners’ skills e.g ICC ISA? Year 3 Year 1 Contact seminar preparation workshop making the most of the contact seminar Contact seminar, 4 days Meeting partners, forming partnership, planning joint project work School visit and case study Joint curriculum projects Starting curriculum related joint project activities Overview of CC Programme Up 3 years of organised activity – hope partnerships will continue for many years. Professional Development – for teachers and Principals. Vital that school leaders are supportive and understand the international partnership. Teachers can develop skills for leading international work within the school. Partnership – workshop to prepare for Contact Seminar, Contact Seminar to meet partners and plan joint projects, Joint Curriculum Projects for students and teachers to learn together £1,500 per school (actively working on partnership – not ‘sleeping’ partners!). Year 2 MED schools visit UK, Year 3 UK schools visit MED. Visits should be done in this order unless there is very good reason for a swap. There is more budget for MED schools (as there are more of them) so we need to be able to plan how much budget is required each year. It also alternates the visits – Year 1: contact seminar in MED. Visits organised by schools themselves – apply for funding from BC. Who visits, for how long etc can be decided by the schools using the travel grant as the whole amount or through raising additional funding. Partnership Partnership between schools, not the British Council! We provide opportunities to meet, framework to work within and grants to enable visits. They must establish the partnership and keep it alive themselves with the support of colleagues in their schools. BC is here to help. Important you set the ground rules for your partnership together, understand each others’ expectations etc. Important! Contact Seminar is not a one off seminar – it’s the beginning of a long term partnership Expectations that schools will work together, communicate, produce project materials Very important to establish good relationship at the contact seminar ISA and CCO Overview of the programme. We will go over the grants and timeline in more detail now this is just to contextualise International Leader Award International Schools Award Pilot

13 Scope & dissemination:
Values Systemic impact: Partnerships within the model are characterised by three principles: The programme impacts on actual curriculum delivery and entitlement though policy dialogue and partnerships with ministries and government agencies, curriculum bodies, local authorities or districts. Scope & dissemination: Sustainability: Partnership work is embedded in the ethos and curriculum of the organisations participating and based on mutuality. The next two slides are in addition if this session is being run at the ICC course rather than at the contact seminar. The programme reaches millions through strategic area links, media partnerships, high profile events and conferences and pre-established networks. 13

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