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NEWS from SIM NCSLI 2012 Sacramento, CA Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues SIM Representative.

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1 NEWS from SIM NCSLI 2012 Sacramento, CA Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues SIM Representative

2   The Inter-American Metrology System – SIM   OAS/FEMCIDI SIM Project (2006-2011)   SIM QSTF – April 2012, Quito Ecuador   SIM Time and Frequency Project - 2005   SIM Summer School – December 2009   SIM Internship Programme – March 2012   Interim Project (2012)   New Project Proposal Presentation Outline....

3 SIM……. Consists of NMIs located in the 34 OAS Member nations Divided into five (5) regions All have participated in the OAS/FEMCIDI Project - promote cooperation in metrology and committed to the implementation of a Global Measurement System 11 metrology working groups; Training: Physical, Chemical and Legal Metrology, Awareness Activities, Pilot studies and Measurement Comparisons Eight new Associate Members of the BIPM: BO, CR, EC, JA, PE, PN, PY (and CARICOM)

4 SIM – Sistema Inter-americano de Metrologia/Inter- American Metrology system   RMO – 34 Member Countries of OAS – –Activities:   Scientific and Legal Metrology   Network of discipline-specific activities   Build NQI/sharing information and expertise – – Goals:   Ensure equity in the marketplace   Facilitate international trade   Promote uniformity of measurement   Improve quality of life for all citizens

5 SIM Executive Council OAS/OEA Representative President Technical Advisor NIST Executive Secretary OAS Immediate Past President PDC Chair CAMET ANDIMET SURAMET CARIMET NORAMET Claire Saundry NIST -USA Alan Steele NRC -Canada TC Chair JCRB Rep NCSLI Rep to SIM (non voting member) Ed Nemroff NCSLI Ignacio Hernandez CENAM - Mexico Prof Humberto Brandi Inmetro - Brazil Jose Dajes INDECOPI - Peru Hector Laiz INTI – Argentina IIena Idalgo LACOMET, Costa Rica Juan Carlos Castillo IIBMETRO, Bolivia Robert Medford GNBS, Grenada Claudia Santo LATU-Uruguay Chairman QSTF James Olthoff NIST -USA

6 Benefits to date… ACTIVITIES SUPPORTED BY OAS/FEMCIDI FOR 2006-2011:   Over 500 trainees in physical, chemical and legal metrology   Over 25 training events and workshops   Over 10 Awareness activities   Biennial publication on INFOSIM DIRECT IMPACTS OF FEMICIDI SUPPORT:   Increased political and public awareness   Significant local investment   Increased international recognition of measurement capabilities:   Increased partnerships

7 2006-2011 OAS/FEMCIDI Project GOAL:  To facilitate harmonization of measurements OBJECTIVES:  To identify needs and provide capacity building and training  To improve measurement capabilities  To increase exchange of information  To create an awareness of the need for metrology

8 SIM QSTF  Established 2002 to evaluate QSs of signatories to the CIPM MRA – with CMCs to declare and post on BIPM website.  All SIM members may attend, only MRA signatories can vote on approval of QSs.  QSTF meets 2/yr  SIM 09 – Operating procedures for QSTF

9 CMCs on BIPM KCDB CountryNo of CMCs on BIPM KCDB Argentina250 Brazil334 Canada571 CARICOM0 Chile58 Costa Rica78 Ecuador20 Jamaica0 Mexico616 Panama34 Peru26 USA2507 Uruguay72 Total 4568 (NMIs only)

10 SIM Time & Frequency Network SIM Time & Frequency Network  Established 2005  Continuously comparing national time scales/national standards (internet & GPS)  Differences very small < 100ns  SIM results compared to BIPM time-links  Increased cooperation & Scientific collaboration among SIM Members

11 PARTICIPANTS - SIM TF NETWORK CountryDateTime Standard USAOriginator of the NetworkEnsemble time scale MexicoApril 2005Ensemble time scale CanadaMay 2005Ensemble time scale PanamaOctober 2005Cesium BrazilSeptember 2006Ensemble time scale Costa RicaJanuary 2007Cesium ColumbiaFebruary 2007Cesium ArgentinaJuly 2007Cesium GuatemalaAugust 2007GPSDO JamaicaDecember 2007Cesium UruguayNovember 2008Rubidium ParaguayNovember 2008Rubidium PeruJune 2009Rubidium Trinidad and TobagoAugust 2009GPSDO Saint LuciaMay 2010Rubidium ChileDecember 2010Rubidium Antigua and BarbudaAugust 2011Rubidium EcuadorJune 2012Rubidium BoliviaJuly 2012Rubidium

12 Antigua and Barbuda ArgentinaBarbadosBelizeBoliviaBrazilChileColombia Costa Rica Dominica Dominican Republic El Salvador EcuadorGrenadaGuatemalaGuyanaHaitiMexicoNicaraguaPanamaParaguayPeru St. Kitts and Nevis St. Vincent and Grenadines Trinidad and Tobago Uruguay United States SIM SUMMER METROLOGY SCHOOL Funded by OAS/FEMICIDI and the Brazilian Government (50 students/27 Countries)

13 SIM INTERNSHIP PROGRAM  Legal Metrology –Junior Metrologists –Training and Development –Longer term internships  Scientific Metrology –Scientific Staff –Expert facilities: implement new/improved service

14 SIM Internship Program Trainee from:Training by:Metrology discipline: INDECOPI (Peru)INMETRO (Brazil)Force ABBS (Antigua and Barbuda)BSJ (Jamaica)Legal Metrology Ministere (Haiti)BSJ (Jamaica)Gas meters LATU (Uruguay)INMETRO (Brazil)Chemical Metrology GNBS (Grenada)INDECOPI (Peru)Electricity BSJ (Jamaica)NRC (Canada)Electricity DBS (Dominica)TTBS (Trinidad and Tobago)Temperature and Pressure LACOMET (Costa Rica)CENAM (Mexico)Humidity CEHM (Honduras)INMETRO (Brazil)Force BBS (Belize)BSJ (Jamaica)Legal Metrology IBMETRO (Bolivia)INMETRO (Brazil)Legal Metrology INTI (Argentina)INMETRO (Brazil)Laser Calibration IBMETRO (Bolivia)CENAM (Mexico)Time and Frequency

15 INTERIM PROJECT (2012) - Enhancing National Measurement Infrastructure in the Americas  ~ 175K (US Mission to the OAS - one (1) year project)  All 34 Members participate in training events and workshops: –Advanced Internships –Leadership and Mentoring –Workshops/Training –Comparisons/Pilot Studies –Awareness (SIM Week: GA and IR Events) –Communication and Outreach

16 Interim Project Coordination:  Funds (~175K) coordinated by: –INTI, Argentina: SIM Week/GA 2011 Events –CENAM, Mexico (PDC): Internships, Communication and Outreach, SIM Week –LATU, Uruguay (TC): Leadership and Mentoring, Comparisons/Pilot Studies, Workshops –Fundacion, Chile – Chemical Metrology

17 NEW PROJECT PROPOSAL Strengthening National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) in the Hemisphere, an essential element in the development of National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) To enhance the NQI by advancing best practices at the NMIs and enhancing international recognition of measurement capabilities in the hemisphere GOAL To further strengthen the institutions responsible for measurements in the Americas and thereby improve the world-wide reputation and credibility of the national quality infrastructures. PURPOSE

18   Development of highly qualified metrology personnel capable of delivering scientific and legal metrology services in the region coordinated by USA.   Improved measurement capabilities in the hemisphere in areas that support environmental protection, health and trade coordinated by Uruguay.   Enhanced knowledge among government officials and metrology stakeholders of the importance of measurements to enhance trade and facilitate innovation coordinated by México. (Metrology proposals and priorities from the countries in the hemisphere were integrated into three Projects Concepts submitted on behalf of the entire membership SIM) Three (3) complimentary Project Concepts….

19 Project details….   Proposed Duration 3 years   Proposed Budget $1M USD   Goal: To contribute to the National Quality Infrastructure by advancing international recognition of measurement capabilities in the hemisphere   Priority Activities: – –2 nd SIM Summer School – –Advanced Internships – –Workshops and Training – –Awareness/Outreach and Communication

20 Benefits/Sustainability Beneficiaries include: –Institutions and technical staff responsible for measurement standards in each country –Government and private-sector clients making use of calibration and measurement services offered by the national metrology institutes in each participating country –Regulatory authorities in each participating country –Trading partners who rely on accurate and reliable measurements when transacting business, providing health services, or innovating new technologies. –Local populations who rely on measurements in their daily lives: fuel pump dispensers; laboratory tests/blood pressure monitors; medical radiation treatments.

21 To be noted... Metrology capabilities are essential to protect the environment and human health, increase competitiveness, ensure fairness in trade, increase market access ……. Measurement needs change as countries develop and while remarkable progress has been made, there is still considerable work to be done

22 For further information……    

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