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Quickwrite: Choose ONE

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1 Quickwrite: Choose ONE
Explain the difference between a democracy and a dictatorship. Give examples of each in complete sentences. List and describe three ways you see the presence of government in your daily life. Finish this sentence: I consider myself a(n) Republican/Democrat/Independent because… (Finish the sentence and explain your choice. List and briefly describe the three branches of government. Consider one government issue that is important to you, and explain what should be done about it.

2 Government Stations Rubric
Chart of primary source documents (5 W’s and H) ______/25 Current event analysis: U.S. government ______/25 Branches of government song and graphic organizer ______/25 Political parties video and chart ______/25 Argumentative essay on government issue ______/50 Final activity: Political cartoon analysis ______/50 TOTAL ______/200

3 Station Instructions Each table has a folder with instructions and materials for that station. Instructions and links are also on my webpage. Most of the stations may be discussed as a group but each person is expected to turn in his or her own work. Any group products must be uploaded to each person’s portfolio. You will have about 30 minutes per station. You may not have time to complete every station assignment while you are there. Leftover work will either be homework or done during remaining class time. When the timer sounds, put the instructions back into the folder and put your work into your own folder. When the timer sounds, rotate CLOCKWISE to the next station. Make sure your name is on every piece of paper. Upload all work to your class portfolio.

4 Foundations of Government: Timeline of primary source documents (5 W’s and H)
Create a chart of the three major documents, the Magna Carta, the Articles of Confederation, and the U.S. Constitution. Label the following on the timeline: When was this document written? Where was this document written? Who wrote this document (person and nation)? 3. Answer the following about each document: Why was this document written? Why was it important? How did it influence later documents and/or American government?

5 Links for primary sources
Magna Carta: / Articles of Confederation: U. S. Constitution:

6 Current Event Analysis: Find and analyze one current event related to United States or Georgia government. Title of article__________________________________________________________________ Web address ___________________________________________________________________ News source___________________________________________________________________ Written by_________________________________ Publication date__________________ Summarize your article. BRIEFLY answer the 5 W’s and the H as described in the article.  How does this article relate to the domain of government? New vocabulary and/or concepts: What are two words, ideas, or concepts that are mentioned in this article that are new to you? Define and explain each one.  Can you determine the author’s opinion of this issue from the article? What is this article trying to persuade a reader to believe or think?  Do you agree or disagree with the author’s perspective? Why or why not?  Why did you choose this article? What makes it interesting to you?  Why is this important or relevant to your life? What personal connection can you make?

7 Branches of government song and graphic organizer
Song: Listen and complete graphic organizer on next slide. BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT - YouTube Educational video reviewing The United States Government, it's parts and functions. Watch now...

8 Political parties video
As a group, list 10 key facts (each) about the Democrat and the Republican parties. These facts may include their stands on major issues, demographics, important politicians and/or candidates, etc. Watch and explain in your own words why political parties might be considered mind control. Mind Control in American Politics - YouTube SUPPORT BOILINGFROGSPOST.COM: TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: Having been immersed in the left/right facade ... Watch now...

9 Republican or Democrat?

10 Argumentative essay on a government issue
Brainstorm about government issue on which to write a one- to two-page TYPED argumentative essay. Once you decide on your topic, find at least two different internet articles or other sources to use in your research. Use at least three pieces of textual evidence in your essay. This may include direct quotes from the text and inferences drawn from the text. Be sure to include an introduction with an effective hook, a thesis statement, body paragraphs with textual evidence, and a summarizing conclusion. This essay will be graded for BOTH social studies and language arts!

11 Political cartoon analysis
(Under Construction!)

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