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Migration ___________________ is a person who moves into a new country. ___________________= a person who moves (exits)from their existing country to a.

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1 Migration ___________________ is a person who moves into a new country. ___________________= a person who moves (exits)from their existing country to a new one. A _________________ is a person who regularly moves from place to place, usually for work. _____ ______________ = difference between emigration and immigration. ______________ ________________ is movement of people within a country. ______________ ________________ is movement of people during a specific time frame. Example = “Snowbirds” of Minnesota who go south to a region known as the _______________ to escape the harsh physical conditions of the Minnesota winters. Key Terms

2 Why Do People Migrate? Two big reasons: ______________ and _________________. A _______ factor is a force that draws immigrants to a place. A _______ factor is a force that drives people from a place & forces emigration. Main categories are:  Economic_______________________________________  Political_________________________________________  Social/Cultural___________________________________  Physical Geography_______________________________

3  The most popular reason for migration today is ______________________________.  International migration is primarily from ___________________________ countries (nations that have fallen behind on industrialization, infrastructure, and income) to more ____________________________ nations (ones with higher levels of economic activity, education, health care, and higher _____________________ of ___________________ which means how comfortable a person’s life is based on the amount of____________ and _________________ that person can afford.)  Internal migration and seasonal migrations are also often primarily influenced by economics.  Immigrants will often send back ___________________________ to their country of origin. This is money they have made from their jobs in the new country to help those that have stayed behind.

4 Check Up Time Use your “A” and “B” cards to answer the following 5 questions: 1.A person who migrates out of their country is an A) immigrant or B) emigrant? 2.Which is the difference between immigration and emigration? A)Net Migration or B) Internal Migration 3.Which factor is one that often drives people to emigrate --- A) Push or B) Pull 4.Which factor is the most common force in current migration patterns? A)Economic or B) Cultural 5.Payments sent back to home countries by immigrants are called --- A) Benjamins or B) Remittances

5 The main regional sources of immigration to the United States and Canada today comes from two main places: 1)____________________________ 2)____________________________ Currently in Minnesota 6.1% of its population is foreign-born, this compares with 11.7% nationally.

6 Types of Immigrants: (those who intend to stay permanently) 1.______________ __________________ __________________ who are in the country legally and have permission to stay in US as long as they choose and remain crime free. Must renew their ___________ __________ every 10 years. May become US citizens by going through the _________________________process. 2.Refugees who receive ___________________ to come to the US from outside the country. Helped resettled with aid of refugee resettlement agency. MN welcomes more refugees fleeing persecution per capita than any other US state. 3.Asylees are those already in the US and once here apply for protection. They have reason to fear ___________in their home country and must be able to prove that to the US authorities. 4. _______________________ _______________________ are immigrants that have entered the US illegally by not showing a visa or green card, may have expired papers, and/or do not have documents that allow them to stay in the United States. MN has about 1% of it’s population undocumented. In the US there are about 11 - 12 million or about 3.5%. Non-immigrants: (those from another country w/o intent to stay here) Students Temporary Workers Visitors Limited time on their visas

7 The Great Immigration Debate: Immigration is a major national news story. The debate about it centers on: (Turn to a partner and see how many points in the debate you can come up with in 3 minutes)  The present undocumented population  Future immigration flows  The costs and benefits of immigration  Cultural impacts of immigration  Family reunification  Border Security  Knowing who is within the US borders  Services in schools, health care, and other areas  Discrimination Issues

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