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Thresholds & Referring in to Social Care Simon Harrison Group Manager Referral and Assessment Service.

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1 Thresholds & Referring in to Social Care Simon Harrison Group Manager Referral and Assessment Service

2 4 Deputy Group Managers 4 Teams of 5 social workers 400 children open at any one time Mixture of Initial and Core Assessments, Child Protection Investigations, NRPF, Homeless 16/17 year olds, early stages of LAC, s7 Reports

3 Referral and Assessment Service Average Contacts per month (With MASH) 850 2012-13 Police 54% Health 12.6% ( A&E/Midwifery/GP) Family/Relatives/Anon public 9% Education 6.5% Other internal social work teams/other LA social work teams 6%

4 Referral and Assessment Service Main reasons for referral – 38.5% Child Welfare Concerns, 13% Domestic Abuse. 42 children per month subject to s47 child protection investigations, 50% go to ICPCC 3,200 Assessments in 2012-13 20% of all contacts lead to an assessment

5 Thresholds Use “The Child’s Journey in Bromley” as your reference guide “The CAF will act as the key assessment tool before any referral” If at any time you have reasonable concern that a child or young person has suffered significant harm or may be at immediate or acute risk of suffering significant harm, telephone Children’s Social Care immediately and then complete this form to confirm your referral within 24 hours of your call. Referrals into Social Care should be considered at upper level of Level 3 and Level 4

6 Thresholds

7 Referrals with a CAF Not sure? Discuss with MASH Completed a CAF in the last 3 months – only need to complete Sections A - C of the Referral Form and attach the CAF Section A - Basic Details Section B – Your details Section C- Why you are referring and if you are identifying that the child has suffered, or is at risk of suffering, significant harm, your reasons for this and detail any specific incidents. Plus how do think that social care will be able to meet the needs of the child being referred?

8 Referrals no CAF All of the previous PLUS Sections D-I Section I Information about the child and his/her development – health, education, specific needs, relationships. Information about parent/carers, relationships, guidance, boundaries, safety, domestic abuse, substance misuse, mental health etc Information about the family background, wider family, housing, employment, isolation, support etc.

9 Decision Making Duty Manager/MASH Manager will look at: The information you provide regarding current concerns and background Whether any historical information held on Care First Any checks that may have been completed by MASH

10 Refer or CAF ? 1)Mother has attended A&E following o/d, states tension with husband because she is “over weight”, Hospital no concerns as Father appropriately supportive. 3x children aged 8/4/2, School no concerns re 8 year old but family “struggling” with 2 younger children. 2)Family with 3 young children under 5, appear to be some issues of DV, possible mental health, untidy home, refusing to engage with CAF process. Recently moved to Bromley. 3)Young single mother, child aged 2, several hospital attendances for minor injuries, today noted bruising on legs and red mark on face. 4)14 year old poor school attendance, Mother appears dismissive and critical, possible DV, younger child at home, rumours of drug misuse. 5)Teenage daughter appears to have poor self esteem, may be sexually active, may be using drugs, mixing with slightly older peer group. 6)TAC process has been in place for 4 months, parents appear unable to take on board advice or consistently engage.

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