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Putting health development effectiveness into practice: the results so far.

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1 Putting health development effectiveness into practice: the results so far

2 Use the IHP+Results 2012 report as a starting point to review progress on Global Compact commitments: 'to work effectively together with renewed urgency to build sustainable health systems and improve health outcomes'..'by supporting strong, comprehensive national health plans in a well-coordinated way' by 'putting 'Paris into practice' To identify the most important bottlenecks with least progress, and ways they have been communicated to people that can take action Session objectives 07/02/2014

3 1.Are countries leading the development of health sector plans and policy frameworks, and are development partners following this lead? 2.Is there more money for health and are funding sources becoming more predictable? 3.Are country financial management and procurement systems becoming more robust and are development partners making better use of these systems? 4.Is health sector performance being jointly monitored and are health results improving? 5.Have development partners made more progress in countries that have participated in IHP+ the longest? IHP+Results asked 5 questions 07/02/2014

4 For both country governments and for development partners Results displayed in individual scorecards Findings also compared and synthesized across countries and development partners Set of expected results tracked 07/02/2014

5 Is it working? IHP+Results scorecards

6 Interpreting the scorecards Expected Results Commitments are documented and mutually agreed Support is based on country plans and strategies, including to strengthen health systems Funding commitments are long-term Funds are disbursed predictably, as committed Country systems for procurement and public financial management are used and strengthened Resources are being managed for development results Mutual accountability is being demonstrated Civil Society is meaningfully engaged Target achieved Progress made towards achieving target No progress or regression Measure not applicable Data not provided

7 In 8 small groups, 4 countries and 4 development partners will present their scorecards to participants. Groups will have 4 questions to consider Back in plenary, there will be an overview of findings from the 2012 IHP+Results Report, with comments from participants By the end of this session, some agreement on the most important areas with least progress. Rest of the meeting: ways to accelerate progress In this session 07/02/2014

8 What are the 3 most important messages / questions raised by the scorecard and why? What else people would like to know, before briefing their bosses? How would you go about communicating these messages? Are some important areas of progress / lack of progress missing from the scorecards? Questions for group work 07/02/2014

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