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Graduation Action Plan: 11th Grade Career/College Planning Unit Module Five: The World of Work.

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1 Graduation Action Plan: 11th Grade Career/College Planning Unit Module Five: The World of Work

2 What skills do you need to help you enter and remain in the world of work? BRAINSTORM

3 Employability Skills Interview Skills Job Application Knowledge Workplace Etiquette Networking Skills SCANS (Secretarys Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills)

4 Interviewing Interviewer needs to answer this question: Why should I hire this person? Interviewee needs to convince interviewer: I am the best person for this position because……(skills, abilities, accomplishments, goals, knowledge, experience, etc. that provide evidence).

5 Interview Skills Answer questions completely and directly Go alone Smile and introduce yourself Listen carefully Maintain eye contact Keep all comments positive Know the job requirements and the company before the interview Match your strengths to the job Arrive early

6 Job Application Knowledge The application you turn in will become you on paper: Read the entire application first Complete a draft copy on a separate piece of paper Complete NEATLY using a pen with black ink Do not leave any questions blank Proofread for errors or mistakes

7 Workplace Etiquette Offer help when someone else needs it Be positive about work and employees Be aware of personal hygiene Keep personal matters out of the workplace Respect cultural differences Be on time or EARLY! Ask for help when needed Dress appropriately

8 Networking Talking to people about your job search and your skills Who? Friends, neighbors, teachers, career center personnel, employers, acquaintances, coaches, etc. Ask: –Do you know any openings for a person with my skills? –Do you know of someone else who might know of such an opening? –Do you know someone who knows lots of people?

9 Information Interviewing Opposite of an employer interview: You ask the employer questions to get information about the job. Five Basic Rules: –Ask questions; do not talk about yourself –Keep the interview brief-20 minutes or less –Ask for the employers advice to people entering the field –Ask for another contact to interview –Send a thank you note

10 SCANS (Secretarys Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills) Workplace Competencies Effective workers can productively use: Resources Interpersonal Skills Information Systems Technology

11 Resources Effective workers know how to use time, money, materials, space and staff Examples in school/workplace?

12 Interpersonal Skills Effective workers know how to work on teams, teach others, serve customers, lead, negotiate and work well with people of culturally diverse backgrounds Examples in school/workplace?

13 Information Effective workers can acquire and evaluate data, organize and maintain files, interpret and communicate, and use computers to process information Examples in school/workplace?

14 Systems Effective workers understand social, organizational and technological systems; they can monitor and correct performance; and they can design or improve systems. Examples at school and in the workplace.

15 Technology Effective workers can select equipment and tools, apply technology to specific tasks and maintain and troubleshoot equipment. Examples in school/workplace?

16 Post Secondary Goals After graduating from high school, what you want to do regarding school and work? Your decisions should be based upon: –your hobbies and interests –your skills and abilities –your expectations –your preferred/most successful school subjects –your volunteer/paid and extra-curricular experiences

17 Please complete the College and Career Planning Student Guide: 11 th Grade Post-Secondary Plan Insert

18 Resume Writing Its theme is I want (this job) because I can do (these things) and because I know (these things). See The Career and College Planning Guide page 14 for example and suggestions. A one page summary of your skills, accomplishments, experiences, and education designed to capture an employers interest. An advertisement for and about you.

19 Back Up/Alternative Plan What steps will you take should your first plan not work out? Be prepared to reach your goals, even if obstacles should come your way. Planning ahead can eliminate or reduce obstacles along the way to your goals.

20 EXIT INTERVIEW Be prepared to communicate your Post-Secondary Plan to others. Go for it!

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