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Northern Periphery Programme 2007-2013 Programme Information Lead Partner Seminar 22nd February 2012.

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1 Northern Periphery Programme 2007-2013 Programme Information Lead Partner Seminar 22nd February 2012

2 Current programme status – “ A Snap shot” Overview Where are we today? Programme commitment level Main and preparatory projects Programme activities

3 Programme commitment level To date: 42 main and strategic projects and 32 preparatory project approved In total 97% of programme budget has been allocated after the 8 th call for main applications Programme partner countryAllocated to dateTotal available in € Member State ERDF97% € 1.126.772 Priority 1 97% € 671.517 Priority 2 97% € 455.255 Faroe Islands87% €116.715 Greenland100%€ 0 Iceland114% € (246.323) Norway79%€ 1.033.340

4 Main projects The NPP 2007 – 2013 Programme Monitoring Committee has approved 42 main project in two priorities:- Priority 1: 26 projects and Priority 2: 18 projects Programme secretariat has received 84 applications 7 strategic projects are on-going:- SMALLEST, RASLRES, RTS, TG4NP, ITTS and SECRE, Recruit and Retain NPP target for main projects is 40 and 8 strategic project

5 Partners in approved main projects – 2007 - 2012 Partners in approved NPP main projects - 2012 FinlandSwedenScotland Northern IrelandIrelandNorwayIcelandGreenland Faroe Islands Other EU statesCanadaTotal Lead partners12109154100 42 Partners5143322725282710 14258 Total partners6353412830322810 14300 No. Approved projects participating in programme partner country 1821271517191789 Percentage of project participation by country43%50%64%36%40%45%40%19%21% Percentage of total programme partners by country21%18%14%9%10%11%9%3% 0,3%1%100% Percentage of Lead partners by programme partner country29%24%21%2%12%10%2%

6 Preparatory projects The NPP 2007 – 2013 Programme Monitoring Committee delegated authority to the Programme secretariat to approve preparatory projects and make funding decisions. The Programme Secretariat has assessed 71 and approved 32 preparatory projects Committed funds preparatory projects: € 635 000 (Remaining € 108 000 approx.) Special preparatory project call from June 2011 for the preparation of strategic project call in early 2012

7 Programme activities In preparation for the Ninth Call the PMC agreed to the definition of products and services has widened and alternative wording has been provided for a number of themes to facilitate a better understanding. Producing a new product or service that has a transnational or trans-regional character. Transfer and adaptation of existing products and services from one region into transnational or trans-regional solutions Update and adaptation of existing transnational or trans-regional products and services with additional features

8 Programme activities 9th main project call targeting all themes The justification for the 9th which is and “open” call for main projects, is based on the potential level of reallocations of ERDF from completed projects. This has given the PMC an opportunity to maximise the use of available ERDF and ERDF equivalent funds. It is also viewed that most themes are well covered and contributing to the realisation of the NPP vision The main projects proposals should be able to receive the remaining funding, no matter what thematic field they are addressing. In addition, the PMC especially welcomes project proposals addressing: Maritime safety in relation to remote areas with arctic, harsh conditions

9 Programme activities Project development Strategic project Call for Applications launched January 16 th 2012. The PMC views this second Strategic Call as a focused call with the view to generate strategic projects in the following themes:-  Renewable energy solutions adapted for remote areas and to the scale of sparsely populated areas  Responding to climatic change in the Northern Periphery Main project call for Applications launched January 16 th 2012.

10 Programme activities Events Lead partner seminar – Final project reporting and new lead partner seminar – February 22nd. Final Report package seminar, which is especially relevant for those projects due to finish during the second half of 2012. Lead Partners will learn what is expected from them when closing an NPP project and what information should be provided in each of the 3 main templates: Final Project Claim Final Administrative Report Final Content Report. Lead partner seminar - November 14th in Derry, Northern Ireland Annual conference – November 15th in Derry, Northern Ireland working title theme:- ”Transformation Forum: Creating a Vibrant Northern Periphery”

11 Programme activities Strategic Project idea developers will be requested to submit their ideas on a “Strategic project idea template”. “Strategic project idea template” Preparatory project call supporting main and strategic project development ends March 31, 2012 A Main and Strategic Project Development Clinic will be held for project applicants on February 28 th, 2012 in Copenhagen On 29th February 2012, a “How to apply” seminar for strategic and main project applicants will be held in Copenhagen. The deadline of the Call for Main and Strategic Projects 2 nd of May 2012.

12 Achievements Closing main projects – 4 Closing preparatory projects - 16 Strategic projects approved – 7 Main projects approved– 42 Preparatory projects approved – 32 RegioStars 2009 Finalist - Roadex IV, awarded “Special Mention” RegioStars 2011 Finalist – No Cry II RegioStars 2011 Winner – Our Life as Elderly RegioStars 2012 Finalist - O4O Inclusive growth: Addressing the challenge of demographic change and supporting active ageing.

13 Messages from Regional Contact Points From the Swedish RCP, regards to all Swedish Lead Partners and all the luck in their future work. One date, as a reminder Swedish Lead Partners and Partners will meet for the annual partner meeting 18th-19th April 2012. A separate invitation will be sent out in the beginning of 2012. The RCP in Northern Ireland and the transnational team are delighted to welcome the first Northern Ireland Lead Partner to the Northern Periphery Programme. This is the Rural Development Council, which will be leading the Rural Youth Entrepreneurship project - RYE. There are now 15 projects with Northern Ireland partners. The RCP and the team are available for meetings projects to discuss progress and also for all queries on the First Level of Control process. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you are working with a Northern Ireland partner!

14 Messages from Regional Contact Points Finnish RCP sends her best regards to the Lead Partner seminar participants, and wishes you all an informative day. Various NPP projects will conduct seminar in 2012 such OCTES &TG4NP. Finnish partners will participate in the SMALLEST Road Show in Northern Sweden in April 2012. The Scottish RCP she sends her regards to the participants and hopes that you all have an informative and fun time Potential applicants are busy “beavering” away pulling together applications for the 9th round and a date for the Scottish RAG is to be determined. Scottish RCP arrange a partner meeting March 6 th to catch up with all the projects and discuss progress and issues. She'll be in touch as soon as possible. Just a reminder that she's always happy to hear from the partners, so drop her a call anytime for a catch up. Have a fabulous time in Copenhagen!

15 Messages from Regional Contact Points Irish RCP sends his best regards to all Lead Partner participants in Copenhagen Ireland 30 partners participating in 17 approved projects and three being led by Irish organisations. Irish RCP welcomes the latest Irish led project, Creative Edge led by NUI Galway. Irish led RASLES project has recently been presenting at the International Nordic Bioenergy Conference in Jyvaskyla.

16 Thank you for listening!

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