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Technology Autobiography 1992-2009. Growing up with technology When I was younger I remember using all sorts of technology. When I was like 5 or 6 years.

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1 Technology Autobiography 1992-2009

2 Growing up with technology When I was younger I remember using all sorts of technology. When I was like 5 or 6 years old I lived in Texas with my Mom and Dad. They used to let me play on their new computer which I remember was very, very bulky and ugly looking compared to the computers we have today. I used to play reader rabbit and some game named cubert. When I got a little older, I would play lots of video games that my brother got me started with. We played Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario, and Donkey Kong. Eventually we got a Playstation 1 when it first came out. Then we bought games such as Twisted Metal. We also bought other systems like Dreamcast and Gamecube. Now we own an xbox 360 and Ps2. Now that my brother is in college I don’t use my systems as much. I use my cell phone, laptop, and computer games way more.

3 Most Technologically Literate I think the most “technologically literate” person in my life would be my Dad, surprisingly. Sometimes it seems like parents don’t really know how to use most of the new technology. But then there are people like my Dad, who always has all the new technology before anyone else. I remember back when the razor phone came out, my Dad had it before anyone knew about it and before all the commercials for them. He used to be in the airforce and then went straight to working with computers. He’s worked with complex computer programs and projects for as long as I remember. I’m pretty sure I learned most things I know about computers from him.

4 Social Consequences I do believe that there are social consequences when it comes to certain technologies. A good example of this is Facebook. People use Facebook to keep in touch with friends, social events, and relatives. Facebook can be a big problem though because a lot of people use it to show off how much they party, or what illegal activities they take part in. Some don’t realize that unless you private all of your pictures and profile, all sorts of people can view your page. Sometimes colleges even check your Facebook before accepting you into their school. I myself have gotten in trouble for Facebook. It wasn’t anything too serious, but my best friend’s mom at the time saw a picture me and a friend did as a joke. It was really just a prank, but the parent didn’t think it was funny. You really have to watch what you put on there.

5 What it means to be technologically literate in the near future is how every kid will use a computer or ipod as if it’s just no big deal. I mean, I use a computer like it’s no big deal. I use it everyday. But years ago when computer were just coming out, I was too young to realize how big of a deal it really was. My Mom can’t use a computer as well as I can, and she watched history in the making when computers came out. It’s kind of backwards then what you’d think.

6 Early or Late Adopter? For the most part I’m an early adopter of most technologies. I was one of the first of my friends to have the new video Ipod a couple years ago. I was also the first to get the first envy phone too. But with new phones, I normally don’t rush out and buy it unless it’s something I really have my heart set on. I like to wait and see how my friends like it or how easily they break. Most new phones break on me, and I need to have my phone on me at all times, so I’d rather use a less updated phone then a new one that I’m going to have to bring to Verizon all the time.

7 My Technologies At home I have three computers and a laptop. I can’t survive without my laptop, I love it to death. I do homework on there, email, facebook, blogging, etc. I always have my cell phone on me at all times. It makes me feel safer no matter what. Even when I traveled to the UK over the summer, I carried my phone with me though it didn’t work over there. My technological wish list would include a really nice new digital camera. My brother gave me his old one and it works really well. But It’s a couple years old and I obsessively take tons of pictures and video so It would get used a lot. Probably as often as my cell phone. I also use my xbox 360 a lot with my best friend Pants! The only thing I can really suggest as a good technology for my friends would be a GPS. I know that sounds weird, but as a new driver I can’t tell you how many times I thought I knew where I was going and go lost. My parents have a GPS and I use it occasionally. It’s ‘voice’ is a little obnoxious but it gets you to your destination.

8 New Technology Learning new technologies is fun to me. I like learning new things. I loved when the ipod came out. I thought it was super convenient for me since I listen to so much music. The only thing frustrating about learning about a new electronic out, is teaching my Mom and other relatives who get totally confused by new technology

9 Contact Me For contacting me, there are many ways to do so. I have an email address and I am frequently on facebook. I always have my cell phone on me so calling or texting me is a good way to get a hold of me.

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