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Practical Biochemistry1 Lab BIOCA2101 IUG, Fall 2012 Dr. Tarek M Zaida 1.

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1 Practical Biochemistry1 Lab BIOCA2101 IUG, Fall 2012 Dr. Tarek M Zaida 1

2 Instructor Info Dr. Tarek M. Zaida Faculty of Science/ Administration Building/ Room B339 Phone: Office:2632Mobile: 059-7193442 Email: or Office hours: Sat – Wed: 11 am – 12 pm Mon & Wed: 10 am – 11 am Sat: 9 am – 10 am 2

3 Course Description Introduction of students majoring in Biochemistry to some of the most widely used experimental procedures in biochemistry. During this course students will become familiar with the principles of basic biochemistry through the very carefully selected lab activities that will focus on the fundamental biomolecules of the living system such as:  amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids 3

4 This lab will focus mainly on:  qualitative tests of Carbs., Aminoacids & Proteins, Lipids  using different widely applied in biochemistry labs, methods. 4

5 Prerequisite: Practical Analytical Chemistry CHEM 2110 Biochemistry I BIOCA2301 5

6 Course Objectives By the end of this course students will be: Ready to explain the different roles of the very important biomolecules in the living system, through understanding the biochemical properties of such compounds. More self-confident in conducting experiments with their own hands. 6

7 Able to handle the different lab equipments with confidence. Familiar with the different methods applied in basic biochemistry labs. Students will: Improve their communication skills Get used to a team-work. 7

8 Textbook Laboratory Manual in Biochemistry1 (Dr. Ahmed Thabet, 2005) 8

9 Evaluation There will be different types of evaluation that will include: Reading the lab manual before the lab activity day Answering the pre-lab questions during lab session, Quizzes (3) Writing Lab reports Participation in the actual lab work. Participation in the discussion with classmates through the electronic learning tools. 9

10 Course Policy Attendance all lab sessions is a mandatory. Zero tolerance for not following given instructions during lab sessions. Wearing the lab coat as soon as you step in the lab. Acting responsibly during the entire lab session. Team work is a must, including communication with group partners. Giving up reports from the previous lab session must be electronically and before the day of the next lab. Quizzes will be given only electronically on a previously announced date and time. No make ups are allowed. 10

11 Grading ActivityPoints Participation in electronic learning tools 10 Quizzes (3)15 Lab Reports10 Active Engagement during lab session 25 Final Exam 40 Total grades100 11

12 Following up with the Course Students may reach the course materials through moodle system anytime. In case of anticipating any type of problems, student may contact me at my mobile or via email. How to use moodle system Students may go through the moodle system using guide found on the website of electronic learning, under educational resources for students. Students may also ask for assistance from the electronic learning center found in the IT building I400, phone 1573. 12

13 Course Timing TitleTopic Lab Activity 1Carbohydrates Lab Activity 2Reactions of Reducing Sugars Lab Activity 3Phenyl Hydrazine Reaction Lab Activity 4Paper Chromatography of Sugars Lab Activity 5Lipids Lab Activity 6Saponification Lab Activity 7Proteins 1 Lab Activity 8Proteins 2 Lab Activity 9Precipitation of Proteins Lab Activity 10Enzymes Lab Activity 11Metabolism 13

14 Let’s get started..and have fun working biochemistry 14

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