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Some of the highlights from the LINGAD 2007 Conference.

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1 LINGAD 2007 Indigenous Languages Conference 25 – 28 September 2007 University of Adelaide

2 Some of the highlights from the LINGAD 2007 Conference.

3 Tuesday 25 September Opening Session
Kauwanu (Uncle) Lewis Yerloburka O’Brien’s welcome speech Prof. Roger Thomas: “Welcome our brothers and sisters.” Prof. Roger Thomas: “Indigenous Languages are endangered.” Prof. Peter Buckskin: “The diversity and richness of our languages is a force to be reckoned with.” Dr. Alitya Wallara Rigney: “We have a long history of fighting and surviving and that’s what our children intend to do.”

4 Tuesday 25 September Panel Discussion
Leonora Adidi: “This is food for thought.” Jeanie Bell: “Who controls your language? A serious issue we all need to address.”

5 Tuesday 25 September Plenary - Maori TV
Te Haumihiata Mason: “To capture the essence of Maori story, scripts need to be written in Maori.”

6 Tuesday 25 September Sahaptin-Nez Perce Placenames
Phil Cash Cash: “This is when I first became aware, and they name the place.” Phil Cash Cash: “How knowledge became formed through language and landscape.” Phil Cash Cash: “I would rather have people argue about language than the opposite.”

7 Wednesday 26 September Maori Monolingual Dictionary
Jaky Troy: “As an Aboriginal person I like to have our language maintained.” Te Haumihiata Mason: “My language is my identity. Without my language I am lost.” Te Haumihiata Mason: “In haka, the frog is referred to as ika ‘fish’.” Te Haumihiata Mason: “Still don’t know what a penguin is!”

8 Wednesday 26 September Documenting Language, Visualizing Culture
Phil Cash Cash: “The fluent speaker’s perspective on language opens up another world of treasures.”

9 Wednesday 26 September Is Saving Languages a Good Investment?
Michael Walsh : “Most of our languages will be endangered.” Michael Walsh: “Even in a ‘strong’ language, there are domains of that language, such as ‘song language’, which are endangered.”

10 Wednesday 26 September Discussion on ‘Who Controls Your Language?’
Prof. McWha -Vice Chancellor of the University of Adelaide: “It is our aim to become the university of first choice for Indigenous research.”

11 Wednesday 26th Discussion on ‘Who Controls Your Language?’
Karl Telfer: “Who controls Kaurna Language?” Rob Amery: “Control is achieved through knowledge and use.” Roger Thomas: “I control my language, myself and my family.” David Nash: “I think everyone feels that their language is very important.” David Nash: “What does it feel like to think that your language needs you?”

12 Wednesday 26 September Discussion on ‘Who Controls Your Language?’
Georgina Yambo Williams - Kaurna senior Woman: “I have to say this is the best Conference I have been to.”

13 Thursday 27 September Plenary Language Landscapes of Children in Remote Australia
Jane Simpson: “Language shift can take place remarkably fast.”

14 Snaps from the conference -Enjoy!


16 Dr. Alitya Wallara Rigney

17 Te Haumihiata Mason

18 Kauwanu Lewis Yerloburka O’Brien

19 Lizzie Ellis

20 David Prosser

21 Tracy Bunda introduces Te Haumihiata Mason

22 Phil Cash Cash

23 Tanya Wanganeen presents Narungga resources

24 Vincent (Jack) Kanya Buckskin presents Kaurna placenames website

25 Rob Amery (Conference Convenor)

26 Professor Roger Thomas and Kauwanu Lewis O'Brien

27 Alitya Wallara Rigney and Cherie Warrara Watkins

28 Denise Karpany and Pilawuk White

29 Pat Waria-Read and Betty Branson

30 Tracey Bunda and Des Crump

31 Bobby Brown and Petter Naessan

32 Ralph Doole and John Atkinson

33 Jane and Greg Wilson

34 Christine Brown interviews Uncle Herb Patten - invited gum-leaf player

35 Ngarrindjeri Contingent: Dorothy French, Louisa Schapel, Vicky Cooper and Rebecca Carter

36 David Prosser, Michael Jarrett and Steve Morelli

37 Ngarrindjeri Contingent: Lena Rigney, Vicki Hartman, Addie Smith, Lynne Graham and Eileen McHughes

38 West Coast Contingent: Reva Miller, Aunty Gladys Miller, Wanda Miller, Estelle Miller.

39 Some of the Australian Plenary Panelists:
Lorraine Injie, Dr. Marika and Leonora Adidi

40 Prof. Peter Buckskin introduces the Australian Plenary Panel Discussion

41 The Australian Plenary Panel:
Lorraine Injie, Leonora Adidi, Alitya Wallara Rigney, Jeanie Bell, Ralph Doole, John Atkinson

42 The Australian Plenary Panel:
Lorraine Injie, Dr Marika, Leonora Adidi, Alitya Wallara Rigney (speaking), Jeanie Bell, Ralph Doole, John Atkinson

43 Dorothy French and Mary-Anne Gale
displaying Ngarrindjeri language materials

44 Taikurtinna Dance Group:
Jamie Ngungana Goldsmith, Vincent (Jack) Kanya Buckskin, Steve Gadlabarti Goldsmith

45 Taikurtinna Dance Group

46 Steve Goldsmith, Christine Brown, and David Prosser

47 Steve Gadlabarti Goldsmith and Christine Brown

48 Te Haumihiata Mason, our visitor from Aotearoa (New Zealand)


50 A question from the audience


52 Kauwanu Lewis O'Brien talks about the Kaurna footy stickers Mekuamarti
Kauwanu Lewis O'Brien talks about the Kaurna footy stickers Mekuamarti! ‘May the Crows pick out your eyes!’

53 Gail Woods & Margaret Carew, BIITE, Alice Springs

54 Jennifer Munro and Susan Poetsch


56 Christine Brown conducts interviews for Nunga Wangga Radio show

57 Phil Cash Cash with some Australian Friends

58 Book sellers

59 Margareta Rebelos (with daughter Liana) one of the main organisers with student volunteers Josh Nash and Sharif Mogaddham

60 Margareta Rebelos and daughter Liana

61 Lunchbreak outside the Napier Building

62 Alex Rankin, caterer, and the fruits of his work in the background

63 Catering staff from Tauondi College provided us with bush tucker. Yum!

64 Phil Cash Cash brings the flag of the Cayuse, Walla Walla and Umatilla Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation

65 Georgina Yambo Williams: “This is the best Conference I have been to!”

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