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INTRODUCTION TO THE WORLD OF ONLINE Bright Digital Minds Delivering Great Digital Results.

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1 INTRODUCTION TO THE WORLD OF ONLINE Bright Digital Minds Delivering Great Digital Results

2 AGENDA 17:15 - Welcome and Introductions 17:25 – Digital Landscape 17:45 - Google 18:00 – Social Media 18:15 – Buying Path 18:30 – Go Mobile 18:40 – Any Questions 19:00 – Quiet Pint or Two!

3 HANNAH SWIFT Founder of award winning Bright Digital Minds Over 6 years digital marketing experience Specialise in Affiliate Management, Social Media and Marketing Strategy. Drum Magazine – 30 under 30 women in digital marketing Committed to giving back to the community

4 WHO WE ARE: A dedicated team of digital marketers based in Bakewell

5 ABOUT THE COMPANY Founded in 2011 7 strong team of marketers and content writers Large client base including high street names and B2B corporations Collection of experts dotted around the room tonight



8 TODAY The internet is an amazing marketing tool – Website technology is advancing incredibly quickly – A website is now incredibly cheap to build – Loads of free marketing tools and websites Online is trackable and customisable – Imagine changing the layout of Tesco for each customer The internet is not a miracle channel – it does require effort


10 INTRODUCTION TO ONLINE £78bn – 2012 online sales Around 9/10% of all retail sales are made online Online is still growing – Christmas 2012 up 17.4% Offline growth has stalled – Christmas 2012 up 0.3% Multichannel is getting bigger

11 INTRODUCTION TO ONLINE 35% of traffic received is from search engines – 90.6% of search traffic is from Google 1 in 6 page impressions in the UK is on facebook – 7.5% of traffic received by websites is from Facebook

12 INTRODUCTION TO ONLINE Go Mobile – 27% of emails are opened on a mobile phone – 84% of mobile revenue is from the Ipad – Site Useage Ipad users spend most time per page. Mobile users least time per page Mobile users most pages per visit


14 SEARCH ENGINE BASICS On average 35% of website traffic comes from Google – You must sell your site to Google Basics – Onsite Page Headers Keywords Image Tags Robots Duplicate content – Offsite Links – Link Titles – Bad Links – Panda & Penguin Updates

15 SEARCH ENGINE BASICS Buy Adverts on a Per Click Basis – Search result pages – Product listings – Retargeting – It’s not just price Quality adverts Quality landing pages Interested clickers


17 SEARCH ENGINE BASICS Create Pages – Interact with customers and potential customers – Buy ads to your posts – Buy ads to your pages – Grow fanbase with competitions, but monitor carefully Be-careful not to spam!


19 Always be collecting emails – Customers – Enquiries – Stock updates – Competitions You can email people in the process of transaction You cannot send 3 rd party emails without permission Be-careful not to spam!


21 140 characters of content Conversation Search Retweet Promoted Tweets #Hashtags


23 Pin Pictures 95% female! No advertising model - yet

24 MARKETING 101 Not every person is ready to buy your product or service – Either not ready – Or not in a position to buy – Build your brand Lead generation – Can’t buy solar panels on your roof as a number of variables Such as size of roof Direction roof facing Electrical wiring – Balancing quality data with getting contact details – Incentivise people to leave data Win prizes Free brochure Discount on ordering later Book a no quibble call – Don’t forget to book a time – Show some good sample sites


26 Website – contact details are essential! – Writing content People will come and read your content Other businesses will link to you – SEO – Traffic Facebook Pages – Start talking – Monitor what gets more interaction Twitter – Follow related people – Change times and days of posts LinkedIn Email – Mailchimp – Send when you have something to talk about ie new products or offers

27 TOP TIPS – Work out who you want in your business? Locals/Tourists/Both Where do they hang out? – Use other local businesses to help grow yours People use smart phones when they are out – Promote in pubs, B&B’s & restaurants Share across social media Totally Locally / Local listings sites – Reviews Trip advisor – Group Buying Wahanda Groupon – Build your brand With customers With referrals – Brand advocates



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