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Imperialism in Africa Social Studies 9 Ms. Rebecca 2010.

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1 Imperialism in Africa Social Studies 9 Ms. Rebecca 2010

2 Do now: Pretend that your family wanted to buy a home and land in the U.S. How would your family benefit from doing this? What would you have that you didn’t have before? (besides a house!)

3 You would have many new things!: 1. New natural resources like pine and maple syrup would be easy to find and cheap! 2. New entertainment. More movies and concerts from top-selling artists. 3. Products. You would be able to get more American products like cars and clothes and food that would be hard to get in Thailand. Maybe you could even sell these things to people back in Thailand to make some money!

4 Also, you would be cooler! If you had land in America people would think you were more powerful

5 Imperialism in Africa Many of the reasons why it would be attractive for your family to get land in America, made it attractive for Europeans to get land in other countries during the Age of Imperialism in the late 1800s.

6 Why did Europeans want to rule Africa? 1. Raw Materials: European businesses wanted to be able to get raw materials from Africa like Oil Ivory Fabric Gold Diamonds They sold these things and used them to make other products to sell back at home.

7 Resource Map Worksheet

8 Why did Europeans want to rule Africa? 2. Religion: Christian missionaries wanted to spread their religion to the people in Africa.*8u3jjSmh8aaG9le3xFjEO5*f2NS9GFgYwY_/christianity.jpg

9 Why did Europeans want to rule Africa? 3. More Power: Political leaders thought that having more land in Africa would make other countries think they were more powerful.

10 Countries that took over land in Africa: France Italy Great Britain Germany Portugal Belgium Spain

11 North Africa The Ottoman Empire used to rule North Africa from the 14002- 1800s but the empire had grown weak.

12 North Africa The French and British moved into North Africa. France took over land in the Mediterranean coast and later controlled central and western Africa.

13 France France had the largest European empire in Africa.

14 Suez Canal In 1869, the French finished building the Suez Canal in Egypt to link the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea.

15 Suez Canal IN 1875, the British bought the Suez Canal from the French. Why? The canal made sailing from Europe to India MUCH faster. Reduced the sailing distance by 5000 miles!

16 Egypt Great Britain held much control over Egypt. In 1914, Great Britain declared that Egypt was a protectorate. That meant that Egypt was under the protection and control of Great Britain.

17 Sudan Great Britain also took over an area in the south of Africa called Sudan and established another protectorate over an island off the coast of eastern Africa: Zanzibar (key trading post).

18 The Scramble for Africa In the 1870s, Europeans raced to control as much of Africa as they could. The continent was divided into several colonies ( land in one area controlled by another country outside of that region)

19 Italy Took over Libya and parts of Somalia. Libya

20 Germany Took land in central, southern, and eastern Africa.

21 Spain Took land in the northwest of Africa.

22 Belgium Took land in the Congo River region.

23 Only TWO countries in Africa remained independent: Liberia and Ethiopia

24 How was the land divided by the Europeans? Without thinking about any existing borders between different African ethnic groups and tribes.

25 How was the land divided by the Europeans? Groups with different languages and customs (traditions) were often placed into the same colony. Why could this cause problems?

26 How did Europeans treat the people in their colonies? European colonists were often very cruel to the Africans. They treated them like they were less than human.

27 How do you think….. Native African people felt about their imperial rulers?

28 Fable Let’s read a story together

29 What did some Africans do in response to European imperialism? Fight back! Some Africans such as the Zulu tribe in southern Africa were able to stop the imperialist Dutch from settling.

30 Zulus eventually defeated BUT they were unable to stop the British who came after the Dutch.

31 British control South Africa In 1910, the British gained control of the Boer colonies in South Africa and had access to the rich natural resources of the area like gold and silver.

32 Who are Boers? Dutch people who set up colonies in South Africa.

33 Effects of Imperialism Was imperialism good? Many Europeans said imperialism in Africa helped the natives. 1. The Europeans ended the slave trade in some areas 2. Built new cities, roads, and railroads 3. Brought medicines 4. Opened schools

34 Effects of Imperialism Was imperialism bad? Many native Africans felt that imperialism was bad for Africa. 1. Europeans treated Africans badly 2. Villages and families were split up 3. Europeans stole land and natural resources from Africa 4. Europeans tried to change Africans’ way of life.

35 Reading Questions

36 Homework: Define the following vocabulary words in your notebooks AND make notecards (you may use pictures if you like) Imperialism Colonize Political Protectorate Suez Canal Zulu Boers


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