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Images of Urban Land Use Zones

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1 Images of Urban Land Use Zones
Val Vannet 2004

2 Features of Urban Land Use Zones
The images in this presentation ‘happen’ to be of DUNDEE They show land use along a transect from the CBD to the rural urban fringe Remember that what they show will also be ‘happening’ in a city near YOU!

3 A transect through the city

4 Aerial views Rural urban fringe Outer city Inner city Inner city CBD

5 The Central Business District (CBD)
civic buildings A mix of old and new shops pedestrian zones

6 More features of the CBD…
offices banks museum and art galleries

7 The ‘Twilight’ Zone… some features
19th century housing nearby edge of the CBD car parks on ‘cheaper ‘ land vacant land awaiting development

8 …also called the Zone in Transition
where CBD ‘gives way’ to inner city there is a mix of land uses Some redevelopment Inner ring road land values are cheaper than in the CBD marks the limit of the pre- industrial city bars/restaurants A few shops

9 The Inner City (1) : Industry
In the 19th century more than half of Dundee’s working population worked in the jute industry derelict jute mills The industry declined through the 20th century and there are no jute mills in operation today

10 The Inner City (2) : Housing
19th century tenements still occupied in 1970 1970! Many derelict and awaiting demolition in 2004 or ……….. 2004

11 Redevelopment 1960s style inner city factories and houses were demolished and replaced with modern housing High rise in the 1960s but low rise in the late 20th century 1990s style

12 Other features of the Inner City
Victorian parks Main road shopping ‘Refurbished’ tenements

13 At the edge of the Inner City……
Middle and upper class late Victorian housing These houses were in the suburbs of Dundee in 1900 Today they are well within the city boundary Beyond them lies the outer city of the 20th century

14 Inner City gives way to Outer City
After WW1 the city began to grow outwards at a faster rate This was due to developments such as local authority housing, the emergence of building societies and improved public and private transport Inter-war Local Authority housing Inter-war owner occupied housing

15 The ‘Outer’ Ring Road … 1930! Dundee’s ‘outer’ ring road was built in Find it on the map. When it was built, it was lined with fields. Since WW2, Dundee has continued to expand well to the north of the outer ring.

16 Land Use on the Outer Ring Road
Why would these land uses locate on the outer ring road ? ‘Beano’ and ‘Dandy’ produced here!

17 Outer City Housing : Council Estates
peripheral housing estates Built by the local authority in the late 20th century often to re-house people from the inner city

18 Outer City Housing : Private Estates
Low density private housing on the edge of the city 1970s 2003 Large houses with modern amenities, spacious gardens and off street parking/garages

19 Outer City Industry : Industrial Estates
Edge-of-city location Easy access Modern, single-storey factories large areas of cheap land room to expand near to main roads Landscaped surroundings

20 The Rural Urban Fringe (1)
city gives way to the countryside Agriculture ‘competes’ with a wide range of land uses mainly serving the nearby city…. or does countryside give way to the city? garden centres sports clubs

21 The Rural Urban Fringe (2)
new housing recreation new golf courses!

22 Now Your Turn… Which Urban Zone (1)?

23 Which Urban Zone (2)? Outer City Housing Private and Council estates

24 Which Urban Zone (3)? Inner City Industry

25 Inner city redevelopment
Which Urban Zone (4)? Inner city housing Inner city redevelopment

26 Outer city industrial estate
Which Urban Zone (5)? Outer city industrial estate

27 Urban Land Use Zones Almost every city in Britain has a similar range of urban land use zones Check them out in a city near YOU!

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