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The RIPE NCC Update Ingrid Wijte Registration Services Assistant Manager.

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1 The RIPE NCC Update Ingrid Wijte Registration Services Assistant Manager

2 Ingrid Wijte, November 2011 Operations: Registration Services Allocations now for three months only, as of July Preparing processes for the road towards last /8

3 Ingrid Wijte, November 2011 IPv6 Ripeness: 7831 LIRs 1 star: have IPv6 2 stars: & visible in RIS 3 stars: & route6 object 4 stars: & rDNS

4 Ingrid Wijte, November 2011 Strong Registry and Data Accuracy Continuing implementation Contractual Relationship Requirements for End Users – 18,730 Resource Holders to be contacted (33% done) Contacting holders of legacy space – Goal: include in Registry and up-to-date registration data – Phased approach, gathering feedback Audits – Goal 2012: 50% of membership yearly

5 Ingrid Wijte, November 2011 Policy Development Discussion Phase: – Extension of the Minimum Size for IPv6 Initial Allocation – Safeguarding future IXPs with IPv4 space Concluding Phase: – Removal of multihomed requirement for IPv6 PI Accepted: – Post-depletion IPv4 address recycling – Global Policy for post exhaustion IPv4 allocation mechanisms by the IANA – PI Assignment Size – Temporary Internet Number Assignment Policies

6 Ingrid Wijte, November 2011 Certification Deployment 2011 – Ca. 700 members requested certificates – 10% of RIPE NCC address space covered by a ROA – Hosted, Non-hosted, Validation tool expanded Discussion of Principles and Dangers in May 2011 – Retraction of Certification Policy Proposal Membership vote at GM during RIPE63 – Result: Continue but proceed with caution – Address single point of failure, Red Button

7 Ingrid Wijte, November 2011 Charging Scheme A New Charging Scheme is needed every year Proposed Charging Scheme 2012: – Fee proportional to Benefit, not just based on IPv4 allocations GM Nov 2011: Proposed Charging Scheme not adopted 2012: Stay with 2011 Charging Scheme – Little change, revenue stable

8 Ingrid Wijte, November 2011 Member & Stakeholder Survey Goals – Find out member views and needs on RIPE NCC services – Gather input for strategic development Focus group meetings throughout region – Desiree Miloshevic, John Earls Analysis by Oxford Internet Institute

9 Ingrid Wijte, November 2011 Key Findings: selection IPv4 administration – Develop guidelines for address transfers and monitor and report on them – Take a strong stance on IPv4 address administration RIPE Database – Very important service – stay on top of data quality! IPv6 Deployment – More information, support and resources requested – Help all stakeholders understand role and responsibilities

10 Ingrid Wijte, November 2011 Membership & Community Development Working with regional communities since 2003 – Moscow, Middle East, Balkans Great success – Encouraged setup of MENOG / ENOG Regional Meetings: – 2011: Saudi Arabia, Dubrovnik, Moscow – 28-30 Nov 2011: Moscow Roundtable Meetings: – June 2011: Beirut, Lebanon – Sept 2011: Amsterdam

11 Ingrid Wijte, November 2011 Next RIPE Meetings RIPE 64: Ljubljana, Slovenia, 16-20 April 2012 RIPE 65: TBD

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