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International Business Pranab S Deb. Schedule of Lecture International distribution channels Global advertising.

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1 International Business Pranab S Deb

2 Schedule of Lecture International distribution channels Global advertising

3 A marketing channel system is the particular set of marketing channels employed by a firm

4 Channel-of-distribution structures Import-oriented distribution structure Japanese distribution structure Dominated by many middlemen Channel control by manufacturers Business philosophy shaped by unique culture Laws that protect the small retailer

5 Distribution patterns General patterns Middlemen services Line breadth Costs and margins Channel length Nonexistent channels Blocked channels Stocking Power and competition

6 Distribution patterns Retail patterns Size patterns Direct marketing Resistance to change

7 Middleman choices Home-country middlemen: Manufacturers’ retail stores Global retailers Export management companies Trading companies US export trading companies Complementary marketers Manufacturer’s export agent

8 Middleman choices Home-country middlemen: Home-country brokers Buying offices Selling groups Webb-Pomerene export associations Foreign sales corporation Export merchants Export jobbers

9 Middleman choices Foreign-country middlemen: Manufacturers’ representatives Distributors Foreign-country brokers Managing agents and Compradors Dealers Import jobbers, wholesalers and retailers

10 Factors affecting choice of channels Cost Capital requirements Control Coverage Character Continuity

11 Effect of the internet on channels Culture Adaptation Local contact Payment Delivery Promotion

12 International advertising Advertising agencies Cable TV Cigarette advertising Communication process Comparative advertising Consumer criticism Cultural diversity Internet

13 International advertising Legal constraints Linguistic limitations Magazine advertising Media limitations Media planning/analysis Newspaper advertising Product attribute/benefit segmentation Product placement

14 International advertising Production/cost limitations Promotional misfires/mistakes Radio advertising Regional segmentation Satellite TV Self-regulating codes Sex Sublimal advertising

15 Q & A

16 Thanks

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