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Achieving Success As Vice President Membership John Kinsman, DTM District 36 Lt. Governor Marketing, 2013-14

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1 Achieving Success As Vice President Membership John Kinsman, DTM District 36 Lt. Governor Marketing, 2013-14

2 The Vice President Membership is the third- ranking club officer. Key are both gaining new members and retaining existing members. You also are a member of the Officer team and the Area Council. 2 Introduction

3 Conduct ongoing membership-building and efforts. Promote the goal of one new member per month. Promote achieving 20 members by year-end or sooner. Promote club and Toastmasters International membership-building programs. Conduct club membership programs. CL manual link Keep track of guests, new members, and members not attending meetings. Work with prospective members. Work with Treasurer to process membership applications. 3 Outside the Club Meeting

4 Ensure the clubs meeting location and time are listed correctly on the clubs website, promotional material, and with World Headquarters. Attend club executive committee meetings. Attend at area council meetings. Attend TLI. Arrange for a replacement if unable to attend a club meeting. Prepare your successor for office. 4 Outside the Club Meeting

5 Inform club of role and activities of VPM. Greet guest and have each complete the Guest Information Card (Item 231) / guest book. Periodically report on current membership, promote membership campaigns, and welcome new members. Induct new members. Help guests wanting to join complete the Application for Membership. Speak with fellow members to determine if their needs are being met. 5 At the Club Meeting

6 Officers should meet after being elected to study and use the Club Success Plan to: Set goals for their term of office. Assign responsibilities to specific individuals. Form committees to help accomplish goals. Periodically review goals and timetables During the area governors two visits, review the clubs plan, discuss the clubs progress, and ask for advice or assistance if necessary. 6 The Club Success Plan

7 1.Two CCs 2.Two more CCs 3.One ACB, ACS, or ACG 4.One more ACB, ACS, or ACG 5.One CL, ALB, ALS, or DTM 6.One more CL, ALB, ALS, or DTM 7.Four new members 8.Four more new members 9.Minimum of four club officers trained during each of two training periods 10.One club membership renewal and club officer list submitted on time Membership requirements at year-end (June 30): At least 20 members or a net growth of at least five members. 7 Distinguished Club Goals

8 8 Recognition

9 Clubs should be at 20+ members – charter strength – to operate optimally. Allows more people to be available to fill meeting and club officer roles No one member is overburdened with responsibilities Meetings are more fun, because more people are involved Its easier for a club to help members meet their educational needs Balances natural attrition 9 Why Build Membership?

10 A goal of one new member each month will help keep an influx of new members for a strong, healthy club. 10 Setting Membership Goals

11 Toastmasters Contests o Smedley Award o Talk Up Toastmasters o Beat the Clock! Club Contests o Set up a goal/competition for club members For bringing visitors, visitors who join, etc. o Track member progress at the meetings, e.g., through a bar chart o Reward for members sponsoring new members o CL manual credit (see Projects 8 and 10) 11 Membership-building Contests

12 Smedley Award (August 1 to September 30) Talk Up Toastmasters! (February 1 to March 31) Beat the Clock! (May 1 to June 30) Its simpleadd five new, dual or reinstated members to your roster. Qualifying clubs earn a special discount code for 10-percent off their next club order (and a ribbon for your banner). 11 Membership-building Contests

13 Work with VPPR to publicize meetings/demos. You already know some prospects – invite them. Word-of-mouth is the best advertising. Flyers, advertisements Your website, MeetUp, Facebook, etc. On average, 1 in 3 prospects will join. 12 Membership-building Steps Step 1: Find Prospective Members.

14 Work with VPE to hold a periodic open house or demonstration meeting geared to building membership! : Planned and advertised in advance Food as a lure Guest packet / guest book Hold mini-meeting TMOD explains all roles and why TMOD sells the program Work brief testimonials in Speeches are not by expert / evaluate to motivate 13 Step 2: Make Every Meeting Great.

15 Several club members should say hello and spend a few minutes getting to know the guest. Provide promotional literature (guest packet). Collect their contact information (guest book). Member sits with guest during meeting. TMOD/GE explains roles and purposes during meeting. Table Topics Master offers to let Guest participate. At end of meeting, seek their comment. Answer questions. Invite to join / invite back Close the Sale (next slide) 14 Step 3: Handling a Guest Visit

16 Explain why the Guest should join? Build confidence Learn from doing and feedback - unique to Toastmasters Structured program - explain CC and CL It's not just speeches impromptu speaking learning to listen / giving feedback leading meetings / the club Great on resume 15 Step 4: Closing the Sale

17 Why the Guest should join? (concluded) Cost is minimal tremendous bargain vs. other options We will not throw you in deep end will have a mentor and start you with easier roles Give personal testimonial Invite guest to join explain terms of membership and application all officers must be well-versed in application Follow up if necessary In person >> telephone >> e-mail (last resort) 16 Step 4: Closing the Sale

18 CLUBS WITHIN DISTRICTS MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION For faster service, add and pay for your new members online at Club Number: _____________________________ District Number: ___________ Club Name: ________________________________________________________ City: __________________________________________ Membership Type: New Reinstated (break in membership) Renewing (no break in membership) Dual Transfer from club number /name _______ /___________________ Member Number (if known) ___________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Last Name / Surname / Family Name First Name / Given Name Middle Initial / Name etc. 20

19 Deliver what has been promised. The how: Coach them to excellence (mentor). Induct them regally. Get them involved. Give positive reinforcement. Use the resources. 17 Step 5: Start New Members Off Right

20 Orient new members Active mentor-mentee relationship for new (and other if needed) members Follow up with members who miss two meetings in a row Understand member motivations (member surveys) Recognize accomplishments Quality and fun meetings Attend to all members during meetings 18 Member Retention

21 Member Interest Survey (Item 403) New Member Profile Sheet (Item 405) Club Climate Questionnaire (Item 251C) 19 Maintain Member Satisfaction

22 We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self- confidence and personal growth. 19 Mission of the Club

23 Welcome John Kinsman, DTM Current Member 00321389 CLUB CENTRAL Club Officer Resources Distinguished Club Program Reports Page 17 Toastmasters International Website

24 Submit membership application(s) - new/dual/reinstate Pay dues Update my club meeting information Search Club Receipts View/Update/Print my club officer information Update my club mailing address Submit education award(s) for club members View/Update/Print my club membership roster Update my club bylaws View my club's awards View DCP reports Wire Transfer Instructions (PDF) 17 Toastmasters International Website Conduct Club Business

25 Home Meet District 36 Guests District Calendar Clubs – you can see your clubs DCP status going back year by year TLI – schedule and details Document Library – check it out Member Resources – check it out Form Submission Contests Conference (November 15-16 in Silver Sprint) Photos Speakers Bureau – invite a Speaker to your club 17 District 36 Website (

26 A responsibility and a privilege 20

27 Leading, Motivating and Coaching 21

28 Set realistic and attainable goals. Plan how to accomplish the goals. Delegate tasks as needed. Monitor progress toward goals. Coach team members when necessary. 21 TEAM Leadership Opportunity

29 22 Motivating Teams 1.Understand what motivates each person. 2.Focus on the benefit to the individual. 3.Make expectations clear. 4.Recognize their work. 5.Be a leader.

30 1.Decide what to delegate. 2.Decide who will do the task. 3.Assign responsibility. 4.Grant authority. 5.Establish accountability. 23 Delegation

31 1.Lack of confidence in others 2.Fear of losing control 3.Selfishness 4.Insecurity 5.Reluctance 6.No one can do it as well as you 24 Barriers to Delegation

32 1.Agree that a problem exists. 2.Discuss solutions. 3.Agree on an action. 4.Follow up. 25 Coaching Others

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