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PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN WORKSHOP. What is the Professional Development Plan? The Professional Development Plan is a directed planning and evaluation.

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2 What is the Professional Development Plan? The Professional Development Plan is a directed planning and evaluation document Used in annual performance appraisals as well as academic promotion. Annual performance reviews utilize the PDP process as a foundation for faculty to accurately identify achievable goals for their academic careers.

3 Individual professional development plans are established collaboratively between faculty, the supervising Chair, and the Deans, who are responsible for making recommendations to the Provost. What is the Professional Development Plan?

4 The PDP form details your accomplishments in the previous academic year and what you plan to accomplish in the upcoming academic year. What is the PDP? Doug Aitken, You, You, 2012,

5 The PDP is a living document. Faculty should feel free to add to and revise their PDP forms through the academic year. Professional development opportunities may emerge or change. What is the PDP?

6 Three Criteria of the PDP 1.Teaching & Instructional Activities 1.Service to the Institution 1.Scholarship Jasper Johns, 0 through 9, 1961,

7 Teaching & Instructional Activities

8 Evidence of course preparation Documentation of teaching effectiveness (i.e., student and peer evaluations, external reviews, and externally judged quality of student work from the faculty member’s classes) Course improvement as evidenced by evolving syllabi, learning objectives, the development and / revision of online courses, learning outcomes and instructional methods, and course assessment (formal and informal).

9 Teaching & Instructional Activities Include courses taught in the academic year, fall through summer Attend department and faculty meetings Continue to improve and implement updated course content, HOW? Continue to improve assessment instruments and rubrics, HOW? Continued training in technology, software, methods, materials as they relate to teaching and professional work. Improving Digication portfolios Letters from students Collaboration with faculty Substantial mentorship to students who win grants, awards, or other recognition

10 Service to the Institution

11 Departmental service A record of active involvement on a variety of committees Participating in departmental decision making Shared governance, such as faculty council Assisting with department-wide development and publicity efforts Active participation in professional organizations Providing core service to the organization such as editing a newsletter, serving as a webmaster for a Web site, or participating on a committee

12 Service to the Institution Mentor new faculty, WHO? HOW? WHAT? WHERE? Advising student groups, WHICH? Mentoring students, EXAMPLES? Curriculum development: new courses, CAFs, working with the Curriculum Committee Departmental Projects College-wide projects (working on retention efforts, communication, participating in Discover RMCAD Days, Portfolio Reviews, Career Services Workshops, CLI Workshops, etc.)

13 Scholarship

14 Scholarship RMCAD recognizes scholarship as discipline based, interdisciplinary, and multidisciplinary scholarly contributions. Scholarship advances knowledge and learning by creating new ideas and understandings. Scholarship involves the production of a product or result that is tangible and can be examined by others. Doug Aitken, I think Very Deeply, 2013,

15 Scholarship publication of scholarly books and articles oral presentations of research exhibitions of visual art, design, preforming art etc. research in pedagogy work with urban, regional, state, national and/or global communities attending Conferences participating in Conferences submitting proposals to conferences but may not be accepted

16 Developing Your PDP

17 Developing Your PDP 1. OUTLINE your goals for the academic year 1. CREATE strategies you will use to achieve them 2. REVISE your goals periodically and check your progress. 1. LIST how you achieved the goals during the evaluation process in the outcome section.

18 Developing Your PDP Keep a running list and add detail while the memory of your contributions are fresh! Indicate documentation to support your work is available and where the documentation can be found. For example: “This new assignment / lecture is available on my Digication page.”

19 Include Everything Doug Aitkin, More (x4), 2012,



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