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Things to Know about PowerPoint How do I do this?.

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1 Things to Know about PowerPoint How do I do this?

2 Draw the Icon Here:

3 What is a Slide Design? How do I place one in my presentation? A Slide Design is: –A pre-made background in Powerpoint. How do I choose a Slide Design? –Choose the Design Ribbon –Choose from the Theme group You may use the arrows on the right show more options. **It is possible to change the color scheme of a slide design.** **All slides in a presentation should be consistent in some way.**

4 Changing Font Properties Use Font Group on Home Ribbon –Font Style –Point Size –Font Characteristics –Alignment –Numbered/Bulleted –Color Highlight text –Formatting Dialog Box OR

5 How do I create a new slide? There are several ways to create a new slide: –Control+M. –Use the new slide button option in the Slide Group on the Home Ribbon. –A third option is to insert your cursor into the slide sorter pane and press your enter key. –Remember to choose the best layout for the slide. Layout/Choose appropriate layout.

6 What is a Slide Transition? A Transition is the animation of the slide—how it enters the screen. To create a slide transition, choose the Animations Ribbon and then choose a desire transition in the Transitions Group. –U–Use the arrow keys to find additional transition choices.

7 What is a Text box? How do I insert a text box? A text box is: – a box in which you can type information. –Allows the user to determine the location of the box. –Non-linear use of text. To create a text box: – Click Insert Ribbon and click on text box tab in the Text Group. –Type desired information. –Resize box/text/color/location according to user preference.

8 What is a Hyperlink? A Hyperlink is: an active connection to another page on the presentation or an active connection to an outside file or website.

9 To Create a Hyperlink: Type the text you want to be your link or insert the graphic you want to be your link. Highlight the text or Graphic. Right click/Hyperlink OR Click on the Insert Ribbon and choose Hyperlink in the Links Group. Choose the document, the page, or the website you would like to link to. Click Ok.

10 Adding a Picture or Graphic TTo add a picture you have saved: CClick Insert Ribbon  Choose Picture  From File CChoose appropriate file location (a: c: d:) CClick on picture and then click Insert. TTo add a graphic from clip art: CClick Insert Ribbon  Clipart CChoose type of clip art and find one that fits your topic. CClick on the clip art and then Insert.

11 What is Animation? Animation is movement of text or graphics.

12 How do I animate text or graphics? To animate text or graphics: –H–Highlight item to be animated. –P–Press the Animations Ribbon –C–Choose Custom (Task Pane will come up on right side of screen). –C–Choose Add Effect –C–Choose Entrance, Exit, Emphasis, or Motion paths.

13 How do I animate text or graphics? (CONT.) –Modify the effect according to your likes/dislikes. –It is possible to preview what the slide will look like by clicking Play at the bottom of the Task Pane. –Remember to Remove the animation if it is not desired. Forgetting to do this will make multiple animations on the same text or graphic.

14 What is an Action Button? What does it do? An Action Button is: –a ready-made button which can be inserted into a presentation An Action Button: –Allows user to create button hyperlinks –Links may be made internally in the presentation, or externally to another file or webpage.

15 How to Add an Action Button to a Slide. Choose Insert Ribbon Choose Insert Shape in the Illustrations Group Choose Action Buttons at bottom of Choose Action on the Links –Action Button –Choose Desired Button –Hyperlink button to desired location. –Properties of button may be changed by double using the Shape Styles Ribbon on the Formatting Tab

16 Rehearse Timings? Rehearse Timings : –allows user to choose speed at which presentation moves automatically. –Also allows user to choose length of time between animations. How do I rehearse my timings? –Choose Setup Group on Slideshow Ribbon –Click Rehearse Timings –Click through presentation at desired speed –Save if satisfied with timings.

17 Auto play A presenter may choose to have the slide show play automatically. –Show will play automatically if rehearse timings is used. –If rehearse timings is not used, each slide will need to be automated by clicking To automate each slide, Advance Slide in the Transitions Group on Animations Tab. –Choose desired slide transition –Uncheck “On Mouse Click” –Check “Automatically after” and choose desired seconds. »You may apply this transition to all slides or to a single slide.

18 Rule of 6X6 What is it? –N–No more than six lines per slide. –N–No more than six words per line. Why? –F–For Clarity. –K–Keeps main points in forefront. Presentations are for main ideas, not for full information. Rule of 6x6 is a general rule that should be adhered to where possible.

19 Spell Check? Why use Spell Check? –Make sure the presentation look professional. –Helps your credibility as a presenter. How do I spell check the Presentation? –Click the Review Ribbon and choose the Spelling option on the Proofing Group.

20 What can I do to make text clearer for the reader? Change Font Size Change Color Change Font Style

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