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PowerPoint Computer Solutions 1.

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1 PowerPoint Computer Solutions 1

2 Multimedia A powerful blend of text, graphics, sound, animation, and video on your computer. Multimedia is an effective way of communicating information. It can be used to inform, persuade and entertain. Multimedia is used in games, business presentations, interactive tutorials, and information kiosks.

3 PowerPoint One way we create multimedia presentations is in PowerPoint
Can you think of other programs that can be used to create multimedia presentations?

4 Tips To Making A Better Presentation
Choose a color scheme with no more than 4 different colors Make sure background color and font color is contrasting (easy to read) Limit animations and sounds Use bullet statements (not paragraphs) Check spelling and capitalization Limit pictures per slide Balance text, pictures and white space

5 Creating a PowerPoint Using the Design Templates
When you open PowerPoint you will see a blank slide. You may add a preset design template to make your slide presentation colorful. Select the Design Tab Choose the Theme Group

6 Changing the Background
Instead of using the design template you may customize your background. Select the Design Tab Choose the Background Group

7 Slide Layout The layout of the slide is how the text and information will appear. Select the Home Tab Choose the Slides Group

8 Adding a New Slide Once you have finished with your first slide you will have to add additional slides to complete your presentation Select the Home Tab Choose Slides Group

9 Inserting a Picture If you would like to add clip art or a picture from a file, go to: Select the Insert Tab Illustrations Group

10 Narration You can narrate your presentation by recording your own voice. 1. Select the Insert Tab 2. Choose the Media Clips Group Note-you will need to hook a microphone to your computer to use this tool.

11 Sound To make your presentation really exciting you can add pictures and sounds. You can always use clip art and sounds clips. You may also insert pictures, movies and sounds that you have saved in a file 1. Select the Insert Tab 2. Choose the Illustrations or Media Clips Group

12 Custom Animation After you complete your presentation you can make it really exciting by adding animations to your text and graphics. Animations will create movement to your presentation and make it exciting. Select the Animations Tab Click on custom animation.

13 Slide Transition Last but not least you can change how your slides transition from slide to slide. Select the Animations Tab Choose the Transition to This Slide Group

14 Printing a Presentation
Click on the Office Button and choose Print Under print what select handout Click OK

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