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1 Deforestation

2 Deforestation Deforestation – cutting down the rainforests.
The islands of the Caribbean were once almost completely covered by rainforests. Today, nearly ¾ of those rainforests are gone.

3 Causes of Forest Loss Agriculture
the forest has been cleared to create plantations for sugar cane, cacao, coffee, and other crops and livestock. These crops can be important to the economy of the region.

4 Causes of Forest Loss Logging
The forest trees have been taken for their valuable wood.

5 Causes of Forest Loss Construction
As the economy develops and the population grows, we need more houses for people to live in. We build schools, hospitals, and roads. We cut down the forest to make space for these constructions.

6 Causes of Forest Loss Industrial Activity
As society develops we make increasing use of technology. We build factories and chemical plants. These require space and also cause pollution that damages the remaining forest trees.

7 Consequences of Deforestation
habitat loss and extinction of species as rainforests disappear, so does the habitat thousands of species. These species could become extinct, forever lost to the world.

8 Consequences of Deforestation
loss of trees impacts climate change fewer trees means that less carbon dioxide is absorbed from the atmosphere if trees are burned, then more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere carbon dioxide is a major greenhouse gas contributing to climate change

9 Consequences of Deforestation
loss of trees impacts rainfall fewer trees means that less water is being recycled to the atmosphere by transpiration, which may reduce rainfall and cause crops to fail

10 Consequences of Deforestation
loss of trees impacts soil erosion forest trees provide ground cover and their roots hold soil together without these trees, soil becomes loose, crumbles, and is easily washed away, a process known as soil erosion soil erosion is worse when forests are cut down from hillsides WHY?

11 Consequences of Deforestation
loss of trees impacts on flooding forests on hillsides help to prevent rainwater from pouring off steep slopes this can lead to flooding in valleys below these hillsides

12 What you have learned Copy and complete these sentences using these key words (soil erosion, extinction, deforestation, habitat loss, flooding): The destruction of the rainforest is called It is an example of for plants and animals. Many rainforest species are threatened with as forests are destroyed. Forests also affect rainfall, soil and rivers. Their destruction may create problems such as reduction in rainfall, and

13 In-class Assignment Give an example of the consequences of deforestation discussed in class; how might these consequences impact future generations if deforestation continues in the Caribbean? Throughout the world?

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