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Invasive Plants.

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1 Invasive Plants

2 What are they? Come into an area and out-compete native plants
Usually do not have native predators (i.e. insects, grazing animals) Create a “mono-culture”- only one type of plant in an area Often introduced: As ornamental garden plants, which “escape” As “hitchikers” on ships or in cargo For a purpose, with unintended results

3 What are they? Often have different growth cycles than native plants (start earlier in the season) Control methods can often lead to increased propagation (more plants!)

4 Purple Loosestrife Found in wet areas Crowds out native wetland plants
Marshes, pond/lake edges, riverbanks Crowds out native wetland plants Loss of habitat for native birds and insects A single plant can produce over a million seeds in a season

5 Japanese Honeysuckle Introduced as an ornamental and for erosion control Vine that smothers low vegetation and chokes the growth of trees and shrubs Can be controlled in small areas but spreads quickly

6 Eurasion Water Milfoil
Spread by aquarium dealers and fishermen and boats Quickly forms an extensive root system and crowds out native aquatic plants & fish habitats Low nutrient value Clog water intake pipes Create mosquito breeding areas

7 Russian Olive Shrub with fuzzy silvery leaves
Can resprout quickly after burning or cutting Can fix nitrogen so can grow quickly Reduce water in soil and are drought tolerant

8 Oriental Bittersweet Vine with orange berries (used to make wreaths)
Climbing vine that twines around native plants Can choke them Weight of vine can pull down trees

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