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DISPLAYING ART. When you display children’s art, three things happen.

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2 When you display children’s art, three things happen.

3 n the creative efforts of children are honoured; n children can see their work as a unique part of a group event; n and teachers show how important art experiences are in the lives of children.

4 Displays of children's art do much more than decorate schools, they inform!

5 Display Boards n Mount 2 dimensional work on black or colour poster board or construction paper. n Mount 3 dimensional on black or coloured mat. n Allow a wider background margin on the bottom of mounted artwork. This ensures a better visual balance.

6 n Use adhesives, pins or staples to attach artwork to mounts. n Type or carefully print identification labels and glue, staple or pin them on the bottom margins of mounts. Never place labels on the artwork.

7 n Use wide roll paper to serve as a background. This ensures continuity and coherence in the presentation of many pieces of student artwork. n You may not need to mount artwork if you use a roll paper background. In this case, place labels on background paper.

8 3D goodies n Hang from the ceiling n Place on tables, windowsills, shelves all around the school (including the Principal’s office) n Clip onto netting which is fixed to the wall or ceiling n Take photos and mount so the objects can be taken home.

9 Students should have some say n Challenge students to create group exhibits or one-person shows for a counter or tabletop exhibition. n Correlate mini-exhibitions with other subjects: social studies, science, language arts or mathematics.

10 n Have children prepare and give gallery talks and "tours" about their classroom mini- exhibits to classmates and parents. n Allow students to serve as classroom curators; selecting and collecting reproductions for mini-exhibits, writing exhibition catalogues, and preparing exhibits for presentation.

11 Most Importantly - when setting up displays Think Creatively!!!

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