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Interpersonal Communication skills Chapter 2: Lesson 1c.

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1 Interpersonal Communication skills Chapter 2: Lesson 1c

2 Do Now Observe both articles Do you think both articles have the same degree of accuracy? Which article would you believe? Why?

3 Accessing Information Finding and evaluation health information How do you determine which sources of information are valid?

4 Reliable Sources Health care providers Valid internet sites Parents, guardians or trusted adults Recently published material Articles without bias What is bias? How can bias be negative when looking for reliable information?

5 Analyzing Influences Influences in your life that affect you Many factors influence your health. Which sources have the most influence on you?

6 In class assignment Work with a partner to discuss what each of the following influences include. 1.Personal values 2.Personal beliefs 3.Perceptions 4.Curiosity/fears 5. Family and culture 6. Media and technology 7. Friends and peers 8. School and community **Rank the influences in order of most to least influence on YOUR life

7 Self Management Taking charge of your own health to promote well being Practices healthy behaviors Manage stress What are the effects of stress? What are examples of stressors? How do you manage your stress?

8 Advocacy Taking action to influence others to address a health related concern Encourage healthy behavior Obey laws Share health information

9 In class assignment Taylor is a high school junior who has began a downward spiral in her effort to fit in. Her new group of friends has encouraged her to participate in negative behaviors. She has recently been seen using drugs, alcohol. Been suspended from school for cutting class and been seen stealing and caught lying. In your notebook record how you would advocate for Taylor in her current situation.

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