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Kinds of Sports.

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1 Kinds of Sports

2 We’ll speak about sports
Answer the questions: Do you do your morning exercises every day? Do children and grown-ups take care of their health? Are a lot of different competitions held at schools? Do you go in for sports? Are there any popular kinds of sports in our country? What are they? What’s your favourite sport? How often do you do it?

3 Put these questions into reported speech.
Examples: a) ‘’How often do you go in for sport?’’ The teacher asked me how often I went in for sports. b) ‘’Do you like cycling?’’ Natalie asked Sasha. Natalie asked Sasha if he liked cycling. 1.’’Do you like physical training classes at school?’’ 2.’’Do you play basketball?’’ 3.’’Where do you go to play football?’’ 4.’’What do you know about the Olympic Games?’’ 5.’’Have you been to Atlanta?’’

4 The words: goalkeeper mountain climbing pitcher ping-pong quarterback
forward mountain climbing ping-pong soccer jogging softball

5 Put some more words in these lists.
1) goalkeeper, 2) cricket, Answer the questions: 1.In which sport do people play with large orange ball? 2. Which football player throws the ball? 3. Who can touch the ball with his or her hands in football? 4. What Games are held in the world? 5. Is skiing winter or summer sport?

6 Write a letter to your friend in America about your favorite hobbies or sports.

7 Your home task: A story ,,Sports in Russia and in My Life.’’

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