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342 MacLaren Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2P 0M6 A Discussion of What is Possible Prepared for Ethiopia September 4 th,2003.

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1 342 MacLaren Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2P 0M6 A Discussion of What is Possible Prepared for Ethiopia September 4 th,2003

2 Imagine if… empowered their … communities were empowered to discover their reason to usetechnology

3 Imagine if… ICT … ICT could cause employability and well-being community well-being

4 Imagine if… grants … grants seededsustainable in-countryrevenue streams

5 The GNC Vision Community development that applies ICT training to economic & social contexts Activate young technology leaders to make a sustainable difference in their local communities Build in-country skills & capacity National blueprint with demonstration project approach to scale Involve local government to focus on economic growth priorities

6 GNC Program Overview Implementation Partner Technology Ambassadors Access Partners Program Partners Train the Trainer Community Internships Community Projects with Technology Society Employment Business Health Arts Agriculture

7 GNC Program Components Intern learning - 6 month program blending business, technology & leadership Community development - learn to apply technology to their lives Partner capacity – In-country partners trained to deliver and manage Global NetCorps program Program Sustainability – GNC Interns as new community services channel for national priority programs GNC is leading edge, designed to: Success measured by community impact Learners are accountable Project-based to experience application of ICT Set in local & relevant contexts

8 GNC Intern Training : A Blended Learning Experience ReflectionRoundtable Face 2 Face EventCommunityWorkTheLaunch Facilitation & Training Leadership & Coaching Project Management Collaboration Action Research Technology Competencies: Introduce Self Assess Prepare Inspire Equip Connect Create Collaborate Contribute Reflect Summarize Build

9 GNC Community Training The GNC Community training program weaves three key components for impact: ICT Computer Literacy Training Theme Based Application Community Theme Projects

10 Theme Based Application of ICT “Learn about computers & the internet and apply your skills in a meaningful way!” Community Food Garden Basic Bookkeeping Finding a Job Starting a Business Artistic Expression Doing a School Project Basic Banking & Investing Manage a Community Group Conduct Market Research Market a Product Make an Online Video Personal Development Crafting Guilds Write a Business Plan Run a Campaign or Event Manage a Sports League Women’s Rights HR - Hire/Manage People Preparing a Presentation Creating City/Region Guides Family Healthcare Managing a Family Water Management 101 Building a House Promoting Tourism Government (Democracy) Rural Election Planning Online Newsletter & Groups

11 GNC Programme Partners Provide: Content for GNC theme development at global and/or local country levels Localization expertise of ‘themes’ for community ICT training (ie-Tourism) Receive: Expanded reach for domain content delivered by NetCorps Interns Promoted nationally & regionally as domain content experts Knowledge transfer by participating in implementation E-enablement of content Community programme specialists in selected development domains Committed to technology effectively enabling their domain

12 GNC Access Partners Offer ICT Access for communities…as: Schools, telecenters, Internet cafes, churches, chambers of commerce, community or government centers Provide computer & learning facilities Value Interns training community & promoting ICT…building demand for ICT services Access partners must have capacity to host community training and NetCorps Interns GNC programme requires 1-2 national Access partners, with 1-2 Interns deployed per location

13 GNC Implementation Partner Accountable for success, operations & sustainability of GNC programme Hired by in-country funder to recruit, train, support, promote & manage Specialists with a national view, Youth experience & passion for ICT 4 mandatory skills to be effective: Community Specialists Experienced Programme Managers Solid Business Performance Training Competency DOT trains and coaches Implementation Partner to deliver GNC programme

14 Introducing Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT) DOT is a Canada-based international NGO. Flagship initiative, Global NetCorps, seeks to enhance the ICT capacity and expertise of developing nations by: Empowering in-country Partners to deliver the program Activating young technology leaders with knowledge sector skills & experience employers want Exponentially impacting communities by Interns linking technology and people’s daily lives Delivering national priority programs through a new ‘Interns & ICT Service Channel’ for …healthcare,employment, agriculture NetCorps Jordan, NetCorps South Africa, NetCorps Lebanon, NetCorps Egypt Next…NetCorps Mozambique & NetCorps India

15 Why We Are Here … … to learn about you … to share our learnings … to find like-minded partners To contact us: Janet Longmore Kim Alexander

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