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How to play field hockey

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1 How to play field hockey
Tips on playing field hockey:

2 Step one. Each team has to have 11 players on the field.
They will be spilt up into two teams offense and defense on two sides of the fields. Each game consists of two 30-minute games.

3 Step two The point of the game is to put the ball into the opponent’s goal. Field hockey is a passing game where the ball is moved, dribbled and hit.

4 Step three You need to set up the goal on both sides of the field.
there should be a striking circle in front of each goal, almost like a penalty box. Goals are scored when the ball goes into the goal after touching the stick of a player in the striking circle.

5 Step four Mark a midfield circle at the half line.
That’s where the ball goes when each goal is taken and at the beginning of each half. Your suppose to hit the ball to the other team mate on your team. Not your opponent.

6 Step five Learn the different offensive positions so you can play every position on the field. The midfielders offer attack support for the offense.

7 Step six The fullbacks are the primary defenders. And the goalkeeper is in charge of keeping the ball out of the goal. The midfielders in addition to supporting the offense also serve as the first line of defense.

8 Step seven Familiarize yourself with the different penalties that you can face for unsafe stick handling. The referee can make free hits for intentional or unintentional fouls. If you say you didn’t mean to won't save you from losing possession of the ball.

9 The game

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