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Christian Societies Emerge in Europe

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1 Christian Societies Emerge in Europe 600-1200

2 Early Medieval Europe 600-1000
A time of insecurity Politically fragmented kingdoms (Excluding Charlemagne) Viking Invasions William the Conqueror (Battle of Hastings)1066 A Self Sufficient Economy No Rome = Regional Elites Medieval Diet = Beer, lard, butter, bread (North) wheat, wine, olive oil (South) Manorialism = Small landowners (serfs) sell land to lords, provide services in exchange for protection Early Medieval Society Feudalism = Political, economic, social system where military service & land ownership ruled Vassals = People who are given a fief (land) in exchange for military service Knights = Honor code of chivalry is a 2 sided contract

3 Politics and the Church
Holy Roman Empire = loose confederation of German princes Struggle for Power Investiture Controversy = Secular rulers vs. popes on who should choose bishops Ex: Pope Gregory VII vs. Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV Monasticism = Devotion to religious life Celibacy, devotion to prayer, isolation from society Centers of literacy, learning, refuge, inns, orphanages = all self-sufficient Hard for Catholic Church to control

4 Western European Revival 1000-1200
Population & Agricultural Production Increases Resurgence of trade Kings strengthen control Technology = Heavy moldboard plow, the horse collar Self-Governing Cities Relied on manufacturing & trade for income (Ex: Venice = Maritime Power) Use of Gold & Sliver Coins linked with increase of trade

5 The Crusades Crusades = Series of Christian Military campaigns against Muslims Causes = Religious zeal, vassal participation in church-sanctioned warfare, desire for land, trade Four Total (Jerusalem captured in the first, lost in the third) Holy Land = Focus of the Crusades Tradition of Pilgrimages, Muslim control of Christian religious sites Pope Urban II initiated 1st Crusade 1095 Impact of the Crusades Ended Europe’s intllectual isolation Exposed to larger urban areas Trade between the East & West Increased (East not as eager)

6 The High Middle Ages 1200 - 1400 Gothic Architecture Urbanization
Rise of Universities Decline in serfdom Rise of Centralized Monarchies Increased Eurasian trade Growth of banking Military Technology = Gunpowder & Cannon

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